Outdoor Skills Update Webinar Series

Incorporating Youth Outdoor Skills into Visitor Service programming introduces and engages a new generation to outdoor recreational pursuits that can be enjoyed for a lifetime. Developing and managing a variety of youth programs to include wildlife identification, birding, hiking, fishing, hunting, geocaching, archery, and outdoor safety programs will be explored through this new webinar series.

Each 1-hour webinar will feature case studies and interviews with visitor service and conservation professionals from within the Service or one of our partners.

Youth Outdoor Skills Descriptions

ABC's of Close Encounters with Nature (00:44:54)
Presented by Matt Conner (FWS) as he discussed their ABS's of close encounters with nature summer camp program. August 13, 2014.

Connected to Nature through Digital Photography (00:39:28)

Presented by Kara Zwickey (FWS) as she discusses "Connected to Nature through Digital Photography". June 11, 2014.

Developing an Enduring Connection with Urban Audiences: Why distance is Not a Factor (00:45:08)

Participants will learn how to create enduring relationships with urban communities and will come to understand why distance (and budget) doesn’t need to be a stumbling block. Marilyn Kitchell (wildlife biologist at Wallkill River NWR) and Curt Collier (National Youth Programs Director for Groundwork USA) will speak to their experiences engaging diverse, inner-city audiences in the refuge environment and answer questions from participants wondering how to get started or how to grow an existing relationship.

Introduction to Youth Outdoor Skills Webinar (00:49:12)

First in series includes the introduction followed by 2 presentations presented by Marcia Pradines, Chief, Visitor Service & Communications; and Ben Nottingham, Refuge Manager, Panther NWR. Summer 2014.

R3 (Recruit, Retain, Reactivate) (00:57:08) Recorded:  Oct. 19, 2019.

Speakers: Kyle Daly, Aaron Mize & Marcia Pradines

Topic: Looking to reach new audiences? Build and enhance partnerships with States,Tribes and NGOs? Improve participation in your current outreach efforts? R3 (Recruit, Retain, Reactivate) might just be what you are looking for.

With less time, money and staff, we need to be as efficient and as thoughtful as possible about what we are doing and why when connecting people to nature. R3 is a process to create, retain and nurture outdoor recreationists, whether hunting, angling, bird watching or more.

R3 is a National effort to create new participants and increase participation rates of current or lapsed outdoor recreationists. R3 programs make it easier for people interested in hunting, angling and outdoor recreation to get involved and stay involved.
Join us on Wednesday Oct 2, 2019 at 2pm as we hear from Aaron Mize (USFWS NWR Hunt/Fish Chief), Kyle Daly (Region 3 WSFR Biologist), and Marcia Pradines (R5 Project Leader) as we discuss what R3 is and is not, how R3 supports the USFWS Mission, and examples of how working with others on R3 efforts can enhance and increase participation in your current and future programming.
By becoming more focused and effective in connecting people to nature through hunting, fishing and outdoor recreation we strive to connect the number of users and support for fish and wildlife conservation.

Region 5 - Presents an R3 Overview and Examples 01:19:39

This webinar was developed by the Region 5 R3 Team in an effort to helpĀ Region 5 become more focused and effective in connecting people to nature through hunting, fishing and outdoor recreation in order to increase the number of users and support for fish and wildlife conservation.

Safe Archery Hooverball System (00:02:24)

Tutorial on how to setup, tear down, and use the archery hooverball system. Presented by Werner Barz, USFWS.

Transforming Youth Outdoors (00:30:30)

Youth Outdoor Webinar Series. Presented by Chris Rutger. TYO is the first resource-based community for people committed to transforming youth outdoors. If you are interested in joining the community sign up here! http://www.mytyo.org/

Transforming Youth Outdoors (TYO) is the first online resource-based community created to scale impact in outdoor youth development and transform the lives of youth by providing best practices, tools and support to individuals and organizations working with youth in the outdoors. The primary delivery mechanism is a technology platform that enables those in the field of outdoor youth programming to share, network and build upon successes. While many individuals and organizations are passionate about getting youth outdoors, they often don’t have the know-how or tools to transform their personal passion into safe, effective outdoor education programs. Please join us to learn more about TYO, its resources, tools, support and network of organizations and individuals who are creating a movement to scale the impact of best-in-class outdoor education programs.

USFWS and Geocaching: Successes and Roadblocks discussed (00:41:54)

During this quarters Webinar, we will be joined by Joel Vos from the Savannah Coastal Refuges Complex. Joel will talk about their Geocaching Program, including the barriers that were overcome in developing the program, things to consider in regards policy and Federal Regulations, ideas for creating your own location-based activities, and a Q&A. August 2017.

Wildlife Viewing and Nature Tourism Program (00:50:09)

Presented by Anne Glick-Wildlife Viewing Section for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission; Shelly Plante-Nature Tourism Manager in the Marketing Group of Texas Parks and Wildlife Department; Randall Babb-Information and Education Program Manager, Arizona Game and Fish Department, Region VI. June 2016.

Wildlife viewing and nature tourism programs promote the protection of wildlife and habitat by connecting people to nature through education and outdoor recreation; inspire a new interest in wildlife conservation and an understanding of its relevance; and provide long-term social and economic benefits to individuals, local communities, and ecosystems, thereby promoting sustainable development and conservation of resources. Broader public interest translates to a stronger voice, new sources of funding, and a more informed public willing to support wildlife management.

But who are the wildlife viewers? What do they look like? What are they looking for? Is there any such thing as the typical birder? The answers may surprise you. Join us in this webinar on wildlife viewing to learn more about this interesting and important group.

YO CUENTO: Stories & Culture for Inclusion in Conservation (00:39:28)

Presented by Jose G. Gonzalez, M.Sc. (U.C.Davis, Sacramento State, and Univ. of Michigan)

Youth Mentored Hunting Programs (00:39:28)

Presented by Alisha Haken and Monica Harris (FWS) as they discuss partnerships and lessons learned from two perspectives. A well established program with over 30 years of history, to establishing a brand new program.

Youth Outdoor Skills Summer Camp and The Process of becoming a life long Participant (00:39:28)

Presented by Matt Dunfee, Wildlife Management Institute (Organizatonal Research w/State Agencies) and Lori Jones , Deep Fork NWR (Camp Program and Partners). Summer 2014.

Matt Dunfee with the Wildlife Management Institute will present the research their organization has been doing in conjunction with several State Agencies on Recruitment/Retention/Reactivation: Discussing the process a person goes through to become a lifelong participant in an activity. Matt will be followed by Lori Jones from Deep Fork NWR as she presents on the Youth Outdoor Skills Summer camp program and partners that were involved to make the camp a success.