White-Nose Syndrome Webinar Series

The views, opinions, or positions expressed in this webinar series are those of the guest presenter and do not necessarily reflect the views, opinions, positions of the US Fish and Wildlife Service or NCTC.

This webinar series is an update for Agency Field Biologists and Agency Land Managers.

2016 White-Nose Syndrome Webinar Descriptions

New York State Update by Carl Herzog (00:10:11)

MI Department of Natural Resources Update by John DePue (00:04:06)

Georgia/Alabama WNS Update by Nick Sharp (00:07:59)

Nebraska Update by Mike Fritz (00:06:33)

Update on OMNRF Field Work Related to Bats and WNS by MarkBrowning (00:05:38)

Wildlife Disease Management by Peregrine Wolff (00:14:05)

It's All About the Product Claim by Jeanette O'hare (00:19:16)

Recipe for a Successful Request to Conduct Research by Sunni Carr (00:13:22)

White-nose Syndrome Management Options and Applications by Jonathan Reichard (00:11:09)

Using Decision Analytics to Inform White-nose Syndrome Research and Management Strategies by Rachel Katz (00:16:08)

RNAi-Mediated Gene Silencing and UV Light as Potential Controls for White-Nose Syndrome by Daniel Lindner (00:08:31)

2012 White-Nose Syndrome Webinar Descriptions (available upon request - email rhonda_miller@fws.gov)

Bat Ecology and Conservation - Mylea Bayless, Bat Conservation International (00:14:32)

Bat Population Modeling and Monitoring - Susan Loeb, USFS (00:11:02)

Current Status of WNS Research and Management - Christina Kocer, USFWSs (00:25:05)

Geomyces Destructans and Fungal Disease - David Blehert, USGS-NWHC (00:20:15)

National Disease Surveillance Implementation - Eric Britzke, DoD (00:10:55)

National WNS Decontamination Protocols - Rich Geboy, USFWS (00:20:14)