Focusing in on NCTC Resident Science Courses

FWS Employees:  Sarah Gannon Nagle and Matthew Patterson

NCTC training courses -- they're not just for catalogues anymore.

And for prospective students who'd like a visual overview of their future classes, both in Shepherdstown and around the United States, NCTC's creative imagery branch has launched "NCTC In Focus."

It's an online compendium of five of NCTC's most popular science courses, offered in 4- to 6-minute bites, in which instructors and course leaders offer a "sneak preview" of what interested learners will experience in their classes.

"In Focus" is the brainchild of NCTC videographer Brett Billings and the in-studio interview portions of the show are hosted by Sarah Gannon-Nagle, NCTC's communications manager. Web developer Rhonda Miller brought it to light on Brightcove, NCTC's new Web video platform.

"It's a 'taste' ahead of time -- an appetizer -- before you even register for an NCTC course, of what you'll learn and who you'll be learning with," says Gannon-Nagle. "'In Focus' supplements our online course catalogue with information, but more importantly it puts you into the course you'll be taking."

The "NCTC In Focus" courses to be profiled can be viewed via the links below.