Streaming Video Tips

Here are some tips for viewing streaming video broadcasts on your computer.

It is possible that network congestion, firewalls and low bandwidth may cause problems when viewing live broadcasts. Problems can vary with time of day, location, connection speed, computer speed, etc.

Suggestions include:

  • Go to the lower right corner of the video window, click on the icon "High" and change the setting to "Low". This will adjust the stream rate and may help.

  • If your video stops for more than 20 seconds, click the "refresh" button at the top of your browser window. This will reload the video stream.

  • Close all other applications, documents, e-mail etc. If you have an older computer, processing power is conserved if you close everything else.

  • If possible, use an LCD projector (for multiple viewers). Each computer viewing the video on your network will reduce the available bandwidth. Sharing one computer with an LCD projector is best when more than one person is viewing from a single location.

  • Try a different browser; Chrome, Firefox, Explorer on a PC or Safari on a Mac.

  • The recorded / archived video may play better than the live event because of less simultaneous demand. We generally have archives posted approximately 24 - 48 hours after the live event.

  • If you have an older/slower pc, upgrading to a newer/faster pc will help.

  • Upgrading your bandwidth / ISP will also help, but we know this may not be possible for remote sites.

Streaming video may not work for every FWS field site. Feel free to ask us for a DVD copy of a recorded broadcast.

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Example of what NCTC LiveStream looks like.