Communications, Outreach, & Visitors Center Workshop

USFWS professionals come together to share the latest communication, outreach, and visitor services practices.

2018 Workshop Recorded Sessions **Captionings will be available in 5 working days.

Beyond the Big 6 Hosting Non-traditional Activities (01:12:41)

COV and CCA Welcome and Leadership Keynote (00:39:34) **Please note slideshow at beginning does not have any sound.

Presented by Linda Walker and Jim Kurth. Recorded:  November 6, 2018.

Finding New Ways to Connect (01:22:29)

Presented by Abra Zorbel. Recorded in classroom November 6, 2018.

Looking Back to Move Ahead (01:41:42)

Presented by Sharon Marino. Recorded November 7, 2018.

Neighborhood Works Working Together for Healthier Communities(00:56:04)

Presented by Carol Bronson. Recorded November 8, 2108.

Partnerships with Pizazz (01:17:50)

Presented by Lisa Ronald and Melissa Martinex. Recorded in classroom November 6, 2018.

Power to the People (00:44:40)

Presented by Susan Sachs. Recorded in classroom November 7, 2018.

Urban Partnerships Pathways to Success (01:18:35)

Presented by Marcia Pradines. Recorded November 7, 2018.

Virtual Visits to Bring Nature to People (01:16:01)

Presented by Nancy Brown and Leah Eskelin. Recorded November 7, 2018.

Visitor Use Experience Planning (01:34:55)

Presented by Dave Bucy. Recorded in classroom November 8, 2018.