Connecting Children to Nature

American Literature: 1890 - Today

The goal of the exhibit is to show how children's nature-related stories connect children and their families to the natural world. This website offers information about the selected books, memories and reflections, Podcasts, and a blog for discussion and sharing curriculum ideas.

  • Build Community
    Be a part of the conversation about the power of nature literature to
    inspire our community of readers, writers, educators, students,
    naturalists, and family members.
  • Share Activities
    Share how children's nature literature connects your child,
    family, classroom, and community to each other and to nature
    through learning activities and citizen action
  • Connect to the Future
    Remember what you read as a child. How did emotional connections
    grow for you as a child? Was your career choice and future vision for the earth
    grounded in any way by your early access to children's nature literature and
    the illustrations?

The exhibit includes a selection of children's books published in the United States from 1890 to current that exemplify how children connect to nature and its science through the magic of storytelling and illustration.  The criteria for selection of these books is based on how well the story and illustration pull a child into the "real" natural world as opposed to how talking animals reflect human behavior. We also feature books we think use humor, deep feelings, and convey natural beauty in all its dimensions to weave emotional connections which ultimately appeal to children. Finally, we chose stories that connect children in nature to their families so that the story in itself also celebrates families and connection to a greater harmony.

Exhibit Discussion Blog - Please go to the companion blog site and be involved in the discussion.

Share Curriculum Blog - Educators, students, and families please connect to this site to attach curriculum ideas and learning activities related to the featured books.

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