Conservation Library

An Ecosystem Approach
to Fish and Wildlife Conservation

Our thanks to the many people who reviewed our March 1994 draft. Your comments and suggestions were used to refine our approach, thus helping the Service to become a more effective partner in efforts to conserve fish and wildlife and the habitats upon which they depend.



Table of Contents


Fish and Wildlife Service's Adoption of an Ecosystem Approach


Principles of the Service's Ecosystem Approach

Delineation of Ecosystem Units Note: The linked page has two graphic images (329K)

Service Ecosystem Teams

Ecosystem Planning/Action Framework

Agency Readiness and Training

Evaluation Process and Practicing Adaptive Management




Available from the National Biological Service - Noss, R., Scott M., and E.T. LaRoe. 1995. Endangered ecosystems of the United States: A preliminary assessment of loss and degradation. Biological Report 28. February 1995. National Biological Service. 58 pp.

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