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I just finished reading and enjoying my second issue of Waterfowl 2000 (now Birdscapes) and I'm wondering what information was in the issues before I began to receive it. If you have any copies of past issues taking up valuable space please send them to me.

I enjoy the publication very much and have made plans to visit some of the sites highlighted in the two issues I have read. I have made contact with several people listed as project managers, and they have responded with information that will be valuable to me.

Thanks for your help.

Tom Nelson
New Franken, Wisconsin

Who's Milton Olson

In the Spring Issue of Waterfowl 2000, your editors asked, "Who is Milton Olson? Mr. Olson's work was alleged to be the basis of the Lessons from Geese item we ran. Ellen Paul went to no small effort to get the answer.

Milton Olson is obviously a really famous guy that no one knows anything about. Every one of the dozens of websites that quote this Lessons from Geese say that he (not Anglese Arrien) is the author. She was just one of the many people who apparently latched onto this piece of wisdom. I searched on Milton Olson, not on Lessons from Geese, and each simply attributes authorship to Milton Olson. I couldn't find any websites about Milton Olson himself. Not to be too cyncical, but I'll bet he was a salesman or one of those motivational speakers who travel from one sales convention to another.

There was a Milton Olson who was a pastor at Prince of Peace Lutheran Church from 1958-1963, but that website is dead so I can't get any detail that might identify him as the author. One website says that the original author is: "Milton Olson or . . . . " Another website implies that Milton Olson was a poet and that the original piece was a poem that Arrien adapted for her talk. I even checked the Encyclopedia Britannica online. Nothing found.

I can't resist: the last lesson from all this effort is that chasing down the authorship of this piece is a WILD GOOSE CHASE.

Ellen Paul, Executive Director
The Ornithological Council


The correct URL for this publication (North American Important Bird Areas: A Directory of 150 Key Conservation Sites) is http://www.cec.org/pubs_info_resources/publications/enviro_conserv/index.cfm?varlan=english rather than the URL on page 37 of the Spring 2000 issue of Waterfowl 2000.

Ellen Paul, Executive Director
The Ornithological Council

Editors: Christine Larson, who provided the URL seen in the Spring Issue, said that the address was changed when revisions to the home page were made. We apologize for any inconvenience to our readers.