Building Capacity for Strategic Habitat Conservation (SHC) Through Training

NCTC has identified (and developed where needed) training courses that help build capacity for each element of the SHC framework as well as support the entire framework as a way of achieving our conservation mission. The following is a list of training courses designed to support scientists and managers at each stage of the SHC process.

Schematic of the SHC Framework

(Schematic of the SHC framework. "Final Report of the National Ecological Assessment Team", 2006.)

Are you a Regional SHC Team leader or member?

Are you involved with Biological Planning?  (Use of replicable procedures to derive measurable biological outcomes and identify limiting factors)

Are you involved with Conservation Design?   (spatially explicit integration of biological objectives)

Are you involved with Conservation Delivery?  (conservation targeted in pursuit of biological outcomes)

Are you involved with Monitoring and Research?  (measure variables most associated with system sustainability, test assumptions in planning, and link back to agency decision-making)