Habitat Conservation Planning for Endangered Species - CSP3117

Information about: HCP, Applicable Laws, Policies and Regulations, Guidance and Director's Memos, Section 7, Conservation/Mitiagation Banking, Fact Sheets, and other References:

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FWS/NMFS Safe Harbor Policy
HCP Outline
HCP Handbook
HCPs and Incidental Take Fact Sheet
Outline Alternative
Section 10(a)(1)(B) Permit Application and Instructions
Screening Form for Low Effect HCP
Timeline Template (Cat X)
Timeline Template (EA)
Timeline Template (EIS)

Applicable Laws  

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Administrative Procedures Act - Entire
Endangered Species Act - Entire
NEPA - Entire 1969
Departmental Manual 516, Chapter 2 - Initiating NEPA

Policies and Regulations

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5 Point Policy FR Regs 6/01/2000
Draft EA - Proposal to Permit Take Under the Bald & Golden Eagle Protection Act
FWS 13 Subpart A Regs
FWS 13 Subpart B Regs
FWS 13 Subpart C Regs
FWS 13 Subpart D Regs
FWS 17.22 Regs
FWS 17.32 Regs
FWS 1885 Regs
FWS/NMFS Candidate Conservation Agreements with Assurances FR 06/17/1999
FWS/NMFS Controlled Propagation under ESA Policy 09/20/2000
FWS/NMFS Distinct Vertebrate Population FR Notice 02/07/1996
FWS/NMFS Ecosystem Approach to ESA Policy 07/01/1994
FWS/NMFS ESA State Role Policy 07/01/1994
FWS/NMFS Final Policy Eval of Conservation Efferts (PECE) 03/2003
FWS/NMFS Info Standards Policy 07/01/1994
FWS/NMFS Peer Review Policy 07/01/1994
FWS/NMFS Section 9 Policy 07/01/1994
General Conservation Plan - Final - Oct. 5, 2007
No Surprises Rule 02/23/1998
Permit Revocation Regs Final Rule 12/10/2004
Proposed Rule: Eagle Permits; Take Necessary To Protect Interests in a Particular Locality
Secretary Order 3206 ESA Tribal Rights

Guidance and Director's Memos

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Adverse Modification Guidance 12/09/2004
FWS/NMFS Section 7 Handbook 1998
FWS Revised NEPA Guidance 01/16/1997
Migratory Bird and Bald Eagle Take memo 02/09/1996
NWR Relationship with HCPs Memo 04/05/1996

Section 7  

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Director's Section 7(d) Memo 12/11/2000
FWS/NMFS Section 7 Regs 10/01/1998
FWS/NOAA Section 7(d) Recommendations - Attachment 1
FWS Section 7(d) BE-BA Template - Attachment 2
Section 7 Handbook

Conservation/Mitigation Banking

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Conservation Banking Fact Sheet
Director's Final Conservation Banking Guidance
FWS/NMFS Mitigation Banking

Fact Sheets  

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5 Point Policy Fact Sheet
5 Point Executive Summary Fact Sheet
Tribal FAQ Fact Sheet

Other References

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Chiricahua Leopard Frog New Conservation Framework Final
Federal Advisory Committee Act Management FR 07/12/2001

Final Policy on the NWR System and Compensatory Mitigation Under the Section 10/404 Program
FWS/NMFS Jurisdictional MOU 08/28/1974
FWS/NMFS Recreational Fish Notice 06/03/1996
NMFS Artificial Propagation of Pacific Salmon Interim Policy 04/05/1993
NMFS ESA Regs Consolidation 03/23/1999
NMFS Pacific Salmon Spp Definition 11/20/1991
NOAA NEPA Implementing Regs 05/20/1999
OMB Peer Review Bulletin 12/15/2004