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June 2013 - What's Next?

Primary Assignments: Please review the 6 short documents below before the webinar onJune 12.

May 2013 - Policy

Primary Assignments: Sarah will be touching upon all the documents. Please become FAMILIAR with them before the webinar on May 8th.

Background Reading: - This is supplemental reading.

April 2013 - Communication

Primary Assignments: (To be completed prior to the webinar on April 10) - Please read the following two articles and watch the following two videos:

March 2013 - Adaptation Action

Primary Assignments: (This is to be completed before the webinar on March 13)

Secondary Assignments:

February 2013 - Adaptation Planning

Primary Assignments: (These are to be completed before the webinar on February 13)

Secondary Assignments:

Additional Reading:

January 2013 - Addressing Uncertainity

Primary Assignments: (These are to be completed before the webinar on January 9)

***Read the Runge article before reading the Nichols article.***

December 2012 - Biodiversity-Going, Going, Hopefully Not Gone

Primary Resources: Please read one of the articles below before the webinar on December 12.

Secondary Resources:

November 2012 - Climate Projections: What are They and What's Coming?

Primary Resources:

Readings: You will find the 5 readings listed below on the US Global Change Research Program website. Please read the executive summaries of each agency-sponsored report and also become familiar with the Program (i.e. Program Overview, Program Structure and some of the Publications and Resources).

  • Sectors Section:
    • Biodiversity & Ecosystem (2012)
  • Sectoral Cross-Cuts:
    • Land Use and Land Cover Change (2012)
  • Regions:
    • Northeast (Draft)
    • Northwest (2012)
    • Northeast (2012)

* If you get lost the readings are under What we do--> National Climate Assessment-->NCA Activities-->Available Technical Inputs.

Website: Please peruse Adam Terando's Geodata Portal website.

October 2012 - Basic Climate Science

Primary Resources:

Webinar Archive