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Broadcast Schedule

September 22, 2016 Time: 2:00pm - 3:00pm Eastern Time -- LiveStream Broadcast Link
2016 Annual Service Ethics Training

This live broadcast is designed to meet the annual ethics training requirements for Service employees who are required to file financial disclosure reports. However, all Service employees should find this training to be useful and informative. The first 40 minutes will focus on the history of the ethics rules and the basic laws and regulations. The last segment of the broadcast will focus on specific information for financial disclosure filers.

Advanced registration is NOT required to attend this broadcast.

During the program, questions for instructors can be sent via chat room built into the Livestream video player. In addition, questions can also be sent before and during the broadcast via email to Instructions for using the chat on Livestream

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September 26-29, 2016 Time: Noon – 4:30 pm Eastern Time each day-- LiveStream Broadcast Link

Retirement Planning for Federal Employees

This training receives very high ratings, and we are pleased to bring it back to you this year. It is free and accessible from your office computer. We have made this possible through a partnership between the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the National Park Service.

Description:  These classes are designed for CSRS and FERS employees within five years of retirement eligibility to help them better understand federal benefits and make informed retirement and financial decisions.  However, all employees, no matter how many years of service, are encouraged to attend.

This training consists of two separate classes.  However, on September  28 & 29, both the CSRS and FERS training is combined into joint sessions.

CSRS only DOI Registration:

FERS only DOI Registrationr:

Participant Guides:

CSRS Participant Workbook - September 2016 (254 pages)
FERS Participant Workbook - September 2016 (246 pages)
FERS Transfer Supplement September 2016 (23 pages)

InteractionLivestream -- During the program, questions for instructors can be sent via chat room built into the Livestream video player. Instructions for using the chat on Livestream.

Email :

Listen-Only Phone Line: Available only if you do not have online access. 1-866-657-9049 Passcode: 7220998

Starting time: Noon – 4:30 pm Eastern Time each day


  • Monday, September 26: CSRS Retirement Benefits (CSRS Employees only) Instructor: Joanne McGehrin, Federal Benefits Specialist
    • Retirement Eligibility
    • Annuity Computations
    • Survivor Benefits
    • Credit for Civilian Service (Refunded Service / Non-deduction Service)
    • Credit for Military Service / Post-56 Deposits
    • CSRS Offset Benefits (CSRS Offset Employees only)
  • Tuesday, September 27: FERS Retirement Benefits (FERS Employees only) Instructor: Joanne McGehrin, Federal Benefits Specialist
    • FERS Overview & Retirement Eligibility
    • Credit for Service (Unused Sickleave, Non-deduction Service, Military Service)
    • Annuity Computations / Retiree Annuity Supplement
    • Survivor Benefits
    • CSRS / FERS Transfer Benefits (Transfer Employees Only)
  • Wednesday, September 28: Retirement Application Process / Insurance / TSP/ Social Security (All Employees) Instructor: Joanne McGehrin, Federal Benefits Specialist
    • Retirement Application Process
    • Annuity Commencing Dates
    • Phased Retirement
    • Insurance Programs (FEHB / Medicare / FEGLI)
    • Thrift Savings Plan - Withdrawal Options
    • Social Security Benefits
  • Thursday, September 29: Financial Planning (All Employees) Instructor: Karen Schaeffer, Certified Financial Planner
    • Assessing Retirement Readiness
    • Setting Goals
    • Appropriate Use of Debt
    • Housing Choices / Mortgage Considerations / Reverse Mortgages
    • Allocation of TSP and Other Assets
    • Traditional and Roth IRAs
    • Estate Planning Documents and Strategies
    • Life Insurance
    • Long Term Care Insurance

Please note: Recording is restricted. Viewing the live sessions is highly recommended as you will have the opportunity to ask questions. However, if you are not able to participate during all or portions of the live broadcast times, a time-limited online video recording will be made available between October 4-14, 2016.  You must be registered to receive this recording.  Following the initial broadcasts, we will email a confidential link of the limited time recordings to all registered participants.

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  • NCTC Studio Control Room: 304-8756-7666
    Please Note: The studio control room is staffed only on scheduled broadcast days. If you need assistance, call one of the staff listed below.

  • Randy Robinson, Instructional Television / Studio Coordinator,; 304-876-7450
  • Mark Chesna, Video Support,; 304-876-7342
  • Rhonda Miller, Web Support,; 304-876-7325
  • DOI Learn Registration Support;; 304-876-7709

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