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Broadcast Schedule

July 24, 2018 Time: 2:00 -3:00 PM Eastern Time-- LiveStream Broadcast Link

Monarch Butterfly Conservation Series: Meadow Establishment in the East

This webinar will discuss establishing and maintaining native meadows in the eastern US. There is a growing movement in the eastern US to convert lawn to meadows, even small backyard plots, for pollinator and wildlife habitat. There are many methods to accomplish the conversion from killing the existing vegetation and reseeding to the slower regime of yearly mowing and inter-planting with perennials. Both methods and meadow maintenance needs will be discussed.

Larry Weaner, founder and principal of Larry Weaner Landscape Associates and author of Garden Revolution: How Our Landscapes Can Be A Source of Environmental Change with Thomas Christopher (Timber Press 2016) and renowned meadow designer, will provide an overview of the broad topic of meadow development. He will cover various methods and considerations in establishing meadows. Larry will talk about establishment challenges, ecological considerations and maintenance needs for successful self-sustaining meadows with examples from his award winning designs.

Ann Aldrich, past Restoration Director for Dumbarton Oaks Park Conservancy, worked with Larry to restore the meadows in Dumbarton Oaks Park. Ann will share the work The Monarch Alliance is doing at Fort Frederick State Park southwest of Hagerstown, Maryland to move several meadows from warm season grasses mixed with European cool season grasses and invasive plants to a self-sustaining native meadow through mowing and inter-planting.

Larry and Ann will both discuss the benefits of meadows for monarchs and our native pollinators and the ecological benefits of establishing and maintaining this habitat type in the East.

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August 1, 2018 Time: 2:00 -3:00 PM Eastern Time-- LiveStream Broadcast Link

Human Dimensions of Natural Resources Conservation Broadcast Series: Collaborative Conservation for Collective Impact

What do you do when the only way to achieve your conservation goals is by working with others? Throughout the Service and across the conservation community, we’re increasingly recognizing that we have to collaborate to achieve desired outcomes at larger scales. The issues we face are complex and cut across jurisdictions, disciplines, organizations, and boundaries. Collaborating with others can be challenging, especially when our neighbors have different interests and needs or there is a history of conflict. However, when we work to find common ground and focus on relationships, collaboration can generate creative and durable solutions to some of our most difficult conservation problems.

In this broadcast, we will dive into key aspects of collaborative conservation, a term often used to describe work with private landowners, state agencies, non-governmental organizations, and others to achieve collective impacts. We will hear from social scientist Wylie Carr about some key concepts for successful collaboration, followed by perspectives from the field with Heidi Keuler, Fish Habitat Biologist and Fishers and Farmers Partnership Coordinator, as well as Todd Sutphin from the Iowa Soybean Association.


Wylie Carr, Ph.D.
Social Scientist, Southeast Region
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Heidi Keuler
Fish Habitat Biologist, Midwest Region
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Fishers and Farmers Partnership

Todd Sutphin
Senior Operations Manager,
Environmental Programs and Services
Iowa Soybean Association
Fishers and Farmers Partnership


Kaylin Clements
Social Scientist, Human Dimensions Branch Natural Resource Program Center
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

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August 12, 2018 Time: 1:30 -3:30 PM Eastern Time-- LiveStream Broadcast Link

Appalachian Trail Conservancy Annual Membership Meeting on Livestream

Please join us online for our Appalachian Trail Conservancy Annual Membership Meeting. For Members in Good Standing, this event will be broadcast via Livestream from the National Conservation Training Center (NCTC) near Shepherdstown, WV.

 There is no cost to attend the meeting in-person or online, and it is open to the public.  However, you must register in advance to enter the secure government facility and attend the meeting in-person.  Photo ID will be required to enter the grounds.

 ATC Board of Directors elections will now occur online.  ATC members will be able to vote in-person on the day of the event, but we encourage all members to vote online. All members in good standing will receive an email with voting instructions in July. Voting will open on July 23 and continue until Noon on August 12, 2018.

 Further details of the meeting are available on our website. Visit:  We’ll be adding more information including the agenda, bios of our Board candidates and other updates so check back frequently as we get closer to the meeting.

 We hope to see you in-person or online on August 12.  Remember, your membership must be current to vote for our Board of Directors.  Visit   to renew your membership.  If you are unsure about your current membership status call us at 304.535.6331 or email

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September 24-27, 2018 Time: 12:00 PM-4:30 PM Eastern Time Each Day-- LiveStream Broadcast Link

Retirement Planning for FERS and CSRS Employees

NCTC is offering on-line training on retirement planning at your desktop. This training receives very high ratings, and we are pleased to bring it back to you this year.  It is free and accessible from your office or home computer. These retirement broadcasts are made possible through a partnership between the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the National Park Service. 

The training consists of two separate classes (CSRS or FERS). However, September 26 & 27, both the CSRS and FERS training are combined into joint sessions.

Livestream Broadcast link:

September 24, 26, & 27 (NOT 25th) 
Retirement Planning for CSRS Employees
(Course Description)

This is a three-day 13.5-hour class to be broadcast online via the Livestream platform.

Time: 12:00-4:30 p.m. EASTERN TIME each day (please adjust for your time zone).

DOI Learn CSRS Registration: 

September 25, 26, & 27 (NOT 24th) 
Retirement Planning for FERS Employees
 (Course Description)

This is a three-day 13.5 hour class to be broadcast online via the Livestream platform.

Time: 12:00-4:30 p.m. EASTERN TIME each day (please adjust for your time zone).

DOI Learn FERS Registration:

 CSRS and FERS Participant Guides: Will be emailed to registrants prior to the broadcast, and posted here:


Please note:  Recording is restricted.  Viewing the live sessions is highly recommended as you will have the opportunity to ask questions.  However, if you are not able to participate during all or portions of the live broadcast times, a time-limited online video recording will be made available only September 28 thru October 14, 2018.  You must be registered to receive this recording.  Following the initial broadcasts, we will email a confidential link of the limited time recordings to all registered participants.

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