The Friends of NCTC Salute Two of the Original Founders

Donna and Chazz Printz // Photo Credit: Friends of NCTC

The Friends of the National Conservation Training Center (NCTC) salute Donna and Chazz Printz for their extraordinary dedication and volunteerism during their many years of service to the Friends group. The Printzes are among the original founders of the non-profit organization.

The Friends of NCTC was established in 1999 to support "Conservation Through Learning," the mission of NCTC. Donna Printz served as President, and Chazz Printz served as the Secretary to the Friends Board of Directors for more than a decade.

The Friends have administered 150 scholarships for National Wildlife Refuge volunteers from across the country to attend NCTC conservation training. Other Friends activities include recruiting volunteers for NCTC projects like invasive and exotic species elimination and tree planting. The Friends sponsor programs that enrich the experience of students enrolled in NCTC courses, such as biologist-led kayaking trips; and an online and onsite conservation book club, America’s Wild Read through the NCTC library. In addition, members assist with special events such as the Conservation Film Festival and Federal art contests.

Since its inception, the Friends of NCTC have grown to more than 200 members under the leadership of Donna and Chazz Printz. For additional information or to join the Friends of NCTC, visit

 -- published --  July 19, 2013
 -- photo credit --  Friends of NCTC

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