The New Nature Explore Classroom Video Goes Live

 The New NCTC Nature Explore Classroom // Photo Credit: USFWS

A recently released video highlighting the new Nature Explore classroom built at the Children’s Tree House Child Development Center on the campus of the National Conservation Training Center (NCTC) has gone live on YouTube. This extraordinary outdoor classroom serves as a gateway for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to connect children with nature.

The Nature Explore classroom is especially designed to instill in children a life-long sense of wonder, an appreciation of the environment, and a curiosity about nature.

The NCTC classroom is one of three models at U.S. Fish and Wildlife sites, including Creston National Fish Hatchery in Montana and Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge in Washington.

To learn more about this exciting outdoor classroom, watch the video today!

 -- published --  October 31, 2012
 -- photo credit --  USFWS

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