Silent Spring is America's Wild Read

"Silent Spring" by Rachel Carson is America

America’s WILD READ, an online book discussion blog, provided by the National Conservation Training Center’s (NCTC) Conservation Library and the Friends of NCTC is featuring Rachel Carson’s book 'Silent Spring' from now until October 31, 2012.

Students and faculty from the College of William and Mary will join in the discussions beginning September 25, as they convene special programs to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Silent Spring.

All past WILD READ and Rachel Carson Centennial Blog moderators/authors contribute their narratives over the course of the eight-week conversation while readers comment and interact in a virtual “book club” manner.

WILD READ moderators include NCTC historian Mark Madison and Carson’s biographer, Linda Lear to name a few. Karen Berquist, Coordinator of Science Libraries at the college said, “The chance to have an online book discussion with your expert moderators is fantastic given our students and faculty will join from the Feminism and the Environment course in our English Department to courses in Public Policy, Economics, Chemistry, Environmental Studies and Geology.”

If you are near Shepherdstown, you may join the Friends of NCTC’s WILD READ in-person book discussion. Contact the Conservation Library at or call 304-876-7399.

 -- published --  September 19, 2012
 -- photo credit --  USFWS

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