Wildlife Artist Visits NCTC Archives

Wildlife Illustrator Robert Bateman // Photo Credit: USFWS

Renowned Canadian wildlife artist Robert Bateman recently visited the National Conservation Training Center’s Conservation (NCTC) Museum and Archives while attending the Children and Nature Network Grassroots Gathering conference held the last week of August 2012.

Bateman browsed through part of NCTC’s extensive collection of wildlife artwork from artists like Jay "Ding" Darling, Robert Hines, and Roger Tory Peterson. Also included in the collection are original illustrations from Rachel Carson's bestseller The Edge of the Sea and the original etching for the first Duck Stamp in 1934.

Bateman is one of the most popular wildlife illustrators in the world. Huge crowds attended Bateman’s art work when it was exhibited at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. The Robert Bateman Foundation is an active participant in the North American Connecting Children to Nature Movement."

 -- published --  September 12, 2012
 -- photo credit --  USFWS

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