KREATE Division Delves into Wildlife CSI

FWS Forensic Lab // Photo Credit: USFWS

The National Conservation Training Center’s (NCTC) Division of Knowledge Resources and Technologies (KREATE) is delving into wildlife Crime Scene Investigation (CSI). Video Producer Brett Billings recently completed 13 video segments for inclusion in a new course targeted for U.S. Fish and Wildlife's law enforcement officers. In addition, Graphic Designer Kelly Fike has completed original art in “graphic novel" style to complement the teaching points.

KREATE Instructional Designer Ryan Simons is developing the course. Simons explains, "The new course will train officers, agents, and inspectors how to properly process, handle, and ship evidence they collect from crime scenes." In the rapidly evolving field of crime scene forensics, this will ensure the evidence they collect will stand up in court.

Types of evidence officers collect include firearms and shell cartridges, but may also include carcasses of dead animals. How do you pack a dead wolf for shipping? Well, the video segments cover that and much more, including how to package and ship carcasses from oil spills and best methods for obtaining DNA samples. "It's a really eye-opening experience," said Simons. "There's a lot more to it than what you see on TV."

After visiting the U.S. Fish and Wildlife's Oregon Lab, where much of the video was shot this past year, Simons stated he was most impressed by the professionals. "They have a lot of care and passion for what they do there," said Simmons. The Oregon facility is the only wildlife forensics lab in the world. The new course is due to launch next summer.

 -- published --  September 12, 2012
 -- photo credit --  USFWS

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