Advanced Leadership Program, Cohort 11, Graduates

ALDP Cohort 11 and Coaches // Photo Credit: Ryan Hagerty/USFWS

Twenty-four participants of the 11th Cohort of the Service’s Advanced Leadership Development Program (ALDP) graduated July 27, 2012 at NCTC, marking the completion of their year-long developmental program and readiness to continue their leadership journey.

Tom Melius, Acting Deputy Director, recognized their commitment to leadership development and the contribution of the Service’s senior leaders who helped coach and guide them throughout the experience. Jeff Underwood, Deputy Assistant Director for Fisheries and Habitat, delivered the Deputy’s Group appreciation and a plaque to the coaches. Representatives of the previous Cohort announced Greg Neudecker, Assistant State Coordinator for the Montana Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program, as their selection for the 2012 Ira Gabrielson Conservation Leadership Award.

Completion of ALDP is no small thing:

ALDP is a feedback intensive, experiential development program that spans 10 months for FWS Senior leaders (GS-13 and 14). It consists of three resident phases at NCTC, a 30 day job swap, and a 60 day detail between the phases. The program is competency based and includes individual feedback, focused individual leadership developmental planning and experience, and coaching from our senior ranks. (GS-15) The program has 24 selected participants, and involves 12 GS-15 coaches. Our senior executives to and including our Service Director and his Deputy(s) engage our participants by participating in all resident phases. Over 200 of our leaders have graduated the program and a majority of our senior leaders have coached in it.

The Goal of the Advanced Leadership Development Program is for participants to explore leadership in the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and to assess, learn about, and develop themselves as leaders. During the program, the Service has opportunity to get acquainted with and observe these potential leaders as they develop and improve their leadership skills.

The ALDP is a vital component of the Service’s overall leadership succession planning initiative. Attrition, retirements, and organizational change continue to unfold across the Service. As a result, there presently exists, and will continue to exist in the years ahead, the need for a highly trained and prepared cadre of employees who are ready, willing, and able to assume leadership roles.

Any Service employee, currently in grades GS-13 and GS-14, who has met all new employee probationary period requirements is eligible to apply for ALDP. The annual call for applicants is sent to the field around February / March. Employees in all Service program areas and job series are encouraged to apply. This 10-month developmental program is designed for employees who have demonstrated, through their performance, high potential for moving into leadership positions at higher levels within the organization.

 -- published --  August 2, 2012
 -- photo credit --  Ryan Hagerty/USFWS

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