Greg Neudecker Receives the Ira Gabrielson Award

Academy graduates Tracy Copeland and Judith Gordan presenting the award to Greg Neudecker // Photo Credit: Ryan Hagerty/USFWS

Graduates of Cohort 10 of the Service’s Advanced Leadership Development Program selected Greg Neudecker to receive the Ira Gabrielson Conservation Leadership Award for 2012. Greg currently serves as the Assistant State Coordinator for the Montana Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program and as the Vice Chair of the Blackfoot Challenge Board of Directors. The award, established in 2002 by the first ALDP graduating class, is to recognize an outstanding Service employee making a significant contribution to conservation and reflects the powerful commitment and leadership qualities of Dr. Gabrielson who served as the first Director of the Fish and Wildlife Service.

“Greg believes that working with people is just as important as working with wildlife and has successfully integrated local communities in the planning and implementation efforts so vital to a successful conservation program,” said Tracy Copeland as she announced their selection. “Greg has managed to instill trust and confidence among his vast array of partners,” she said.

“It is truly an honor to be selected for this award by the graduates of this leadership program,” said Greg. “I’m delighted the program participants recognize how important it is that we build relationships with landowners to accomplish our mission.”

Each year’s graduating class is tasked to select a conservation leader for this award which is presented as a part of the current year’s graduation ceremony. This year Cohort X chose a conservation leader who has dedicated his career to building relationships to accomplish conservation goals. He has dedicated over 25 years building and strengthening partnerships and has worked to create a blueprint for success with the ongoing work of the 1.5 million acre Blackfoot Watershed.

Greg’s name will be engraved on the Award plaque that remains on display at NCTC. The Cohort also presented him with a gift of a beautiful handmade quilted wall hanging, designed and created by Judith Gordan of their class, and signed by all the members of the Cohort.

Past recipients of the Ira Gabrielson Conservation Leadership Award include; Dale Hall, Mamie Parker, Sam Hamilton, Jim Kurth and Robyn Thorson.

 -- published --  August 2, 2012
 -- photo credit --  Ryan Hagerty/USFWS

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