New Web Site, "Connecting People with Nature: Let's Go Outside" Engages Kids On Getting Outdoors


Connecting People with Nature: Let's Go Outside, a new Web site for kids 8 to 16 years old, launches this week and an updated version of the interactive Web game Neighborhood Explorers debuts online, too.

The two products of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, developed by the National Conservation Training Center, promote the Interior Department's "Youth in the Great Outdoors" initiative, a national effort to engage more children in outdoor activities and nature education.

"Connecting People with Nature: Let's Go Outside" is a young person's starting point for outdoor information and links to related Internet sites, and contains a trove of ideas for parents, teachers, and youth leaders on how to engage kids with the natural world.

"Neighborhood Explorers," is an imaginative virtual club house which offers new ways to identify birds, learn endangered species, combat invasive animals and plants, explore national wildlife refuges, and plan conservation careers through a variety of games, projects, and trivia questions. The colorful video portal is designed to acquaint children with wider world and to propel them outside.

These new tools complement a Department of Interior online portal previously developed by NCTC and launched over the summer. connects older youth to natural and cultural heritage information and opportunities for employment in the out-of-doors at sites managed by the Interior Department.

Together, these sites are anticipated to expand the capacity of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife - and its sister Interior bureaus - to engage and educate more children and young adults on the great outdoors.

 -- published --  November 1, 2011
 -- photo credit --  USFWS

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