SAF4000 - Construction Safety Awareness

Course CodeSAF4000
Course TitleConstruction Safety Awareness

Before trying to launch this course, make sure that you have installed and enabled Java Software/scripting. Please call us at 304/876-7445 if you need assistance with this. Objectives:

  • This course course will help you understand your construction inspection duties and responsibilities regarding Contractor compliance with construction safety standards on the job site;
  • Through use of the OSHA 2202 you will learn how to find the proper safety considerations and procedures related to the construction project that you have been assigned to;
  • By reviewing several case studies of actual construction situations that led to accidents you will become familiar with and be able to identify some of the most serious safety hazards encountered in construction projects.

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Delivery MethodOnline Self Study
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Instructional Hours4
Course Content ContactChris Horsch:; (304) 876-7662;
Curriculum CategorySafety
Registration CategoryHeavy Equipment Safety Coordinators
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