SAF-RN01 - Rocket Net User Training Course

Course CodeSAF-RN01
Course TitleRocket Net User Training Course

This training covers the planning and use of explosives to propel rockets and wildlife capture nets to net wildlife. Classroom training includes: 

  • Service policy for storage, transportation, and handling of explosives.
  • Service policy for rocket netting.
  • Proper methods for setting up rocket net equipment. 

This is an instructor led hands-on, in-person, physical training course that consists of:

  • Classroom training and a written test covering the use, storage, and transportation of explosives and rocket netting materials; and
  • Includes a practical field exercise with a live, hands-on test of proficiency.


Policy and Safety Requirements for rocket netting.  U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service rocket net authorization is governed by two Service policies: 

  1. 244 FW 1, Explosives Safety and
  2. 244 FW 3, Rocket Netting

This Rocket Net course is one of the prerequisites for achieving rocket net authorization.

Other items to become an authorized rocket netter include:

You must be authorized by your Project Leader/supervisor/facility manager to use explosives for rocket netting. Your Project Leader/supervisor/facility manager may authorize you to become a rocket netter if you:

  • Have current Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and first aid training as required by a recognized certification program such as those sponsored by the American Red Cross, American Heart Association, National Safety Council, etc.; and
  • Successfully complete and maintain the rocket netting authorization requirements (which includes taking this course) we describe in section 3.5C Service policy 244 FW 3, Rocket Netting.


Required course for any Service personnel performing rocket netting operations.

Availability: For FWS employees and also available for U.S. Geological Survey employees, interagency partners, and collaborators as scheduling allows.

Please contact your FWS Regional Migratory Birds Division or your Regional Safety Manager for class availability or contact David Fronczak ( (612) 713-5411 for more information.

Delivery MethodOnline Self Study
Non-FWS Fee$0.00
Instructional Hours16
Course Content ContactKerry Lyons:; (703) 358-1960;
Curriculum CategorySafety and Emergency Response
Registration CategoryHeavy Equipment Safety Coordinators
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