SAF-HE-REFRESH-OLT - FWS Heavy Equipment Safety Refresher OLT

Course TitleFWS Heavy Equipment Safety Refresher OLT
  • Availability:  FWS EMPLOYEES/AFFILIATED PERSONNEL ONLY.  Operators of Service heavy equipment including: Service employees, volunteers, and partner organizations operators identified in a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).  Contact your appropriate Regional Heavy Equipment Coordinator to register for the course 
  • Description:  This course is a refresher on safe practices for operators of Service heavy equipment. Successful completion is required by Service Manual Policy (321 FW 1) every three years. 
  • Length of Course:  1 hours 

FWS Regional Heavy Equipment Coordinators contact information:

National Coordinator John Blitch 703-358-2190
Region 1 Spencer Berg 503-231-6822
Region 2 Ed Bass 505-248-6607
Region 3 Clint DeMenge 218-768-7028
Region 4 Stan Zazado 404-398-1855
Region 5 Bill Starke 413-253-8581
Region 6 Wade Briggs 605-256-1081
Region 7 Thomas Siekaniec 907-786-3344
Region 8 Dave Henderson 916-978-6158

Delivery MethodOnline Self Study
Non-FWS Fee$0.00
Instructional Hours1
Course Content ContactNational:John Blitch-703-358-2190; R1: Robert Peyton 503-872-2720; R2:Ed Bass-505-248-6607; R3:Dale Pittman-309-535-3151; R4:Stan Zazado-404-679-7159; R5:Bill Stark-413-253-8581; R6:Wade Briggs-605-265-1081; R7:Thomas Siekaniec-907-786-3344; R8:Karl Strom; (703) 358-2190;
Curriculum CategorySafety and Emergency Response
Registration CategoryHeavy Equipment Safety Coordinators
Registration LinkRegister
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Schedule:  SAF-HE-REFRESH-OLT - FWS Heavy Equipment Safety Refresher OLT

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