OUTUWSP09 - Ecological Basis of Environmental Education

Course CodeOUTUWSP09
Course TitleEcological Basis of Environmental Education
DescriptionThe objective of this one credit course is to familiarize K-12 educators and pre-service educators with modern ecological theory, issues and practices. Ecological topics will span the levels of ecological organization: organism, population, community, ecosystem, and biosphere. We will apply the basic principles of ecology to contemporary environmental issues and will focus on the values and roles of ecology in diverse human cultures, and the problems and solutions that arise due to competition between humans and other living organisms for common resources. In addition, the course will facilitate ecology-related curriculum development relevant to teaching Environmental Education which: 1) encourages the development of interactive inquiry lesson plans, 2) encourages place-based field trips and 3) addresses the needs of diverse student learners.

Interdependence of Systems,
Ecological Inquiry,
Dynamic Equilibrium,
Evolution and
Curriculum Development.


1. Understand the key concepts and principles of modern ecology and the applications of ecological theory at the following levels of organization: organism, population, community, ecosystem and biosphere.

2. Explore the implications of utilizing an ecological perspective to enhance understanding of human ecology and explore the ecological values of diverse cultures and stakeholder groups.

3. Apply the principles of ecology and management and an understanding of diverse stakeholder perspectives to the evaluation of contemporary ecological issues and solutions.

4. Reflect on pedagogy and discuss the roles of interactive inquiry, place-based learning, critical thinking and multiple intelligence instruction to enhance learning of complex ecological issues in the context of Environmental Education.

Target Audience: Park Rangers, Educators, Visitor Services staff and any other individual presenting environmental education and interpretation programs
Delivery MethodOnline Self Study
Non-FWS Fee$0.00
Instructional Hours120
Course Content ContactMichelle Donlan: michelle_donlan@fws.gov; (304) 876-7685; michelle_donlan@fws.gov
Curriculum CategoryEnvironmental Education
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