OUTUWSP08 - Urban Environmental Education - UDT

Course CodeOUTUWSP08
Course TitleUrban Environmental Education - UDT
DescriptionThis course is for teachers and non-formal educators currently working in an urban setting or interested in working with an urban population. The course focuses on how to utilize natural areas in an urban setting, urban environmental issues, and techniques to engage urban populations.

Course Topics:
- Urban populations as an audience for environmental education
- Urban environmental issues
- Teaching in urban landscapes
- Urban and diverse environmental heroes

Course Goals:
Through this course, teachers and non-formal education professionals learn about the urban environment and using it as a backdrop for environmental education. Theory and strategies are incorporated and guide educators to help their students feel comfortable and empowered in the natural and built urban environment.

1. Define and describe urban environmental education
2. Identify and describe the local urban environment, including the flora and fauna
3. Identify and describe various urban natural landscapes that could be used for environmental education
4. Demonstrate knowledge of urban and diverse environmental leaders and urban environmental issues (including environmental justice)
5. Identify and describe different urban populations and appropriate teaching strategies
6. Identify and utilize various urban environmental education resources

Target Audience: Formal and non-formal environmental educators currently working in an urban setting or interested in working with an urban population.
Delivery MethodOnline Self Study
Non-FWS Fee$0.00
Instructional Hours120
Course Content ContactMichelle Donlan: michelle_donlan@fws.gov; (304) 876-7685; michelle_donlan@fws.gov
Curriculum CategoryEnvironmental Education
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