LED5153 - Crucial Conversations Workshop - FWS

Course CodeLED5153
Course TitleCrucial Conversations Workshop - FWS

Please be aware that when this course is offered at NCTC, it is always offered back to back with either the 2 day Inspiring Leadership Through Emotional Intelligence course or the 2 day Leading At The Speed Of Trust course. As long as you are on campus attending this 2 day course, it is suggested that you attend a second course as well.

Learn how to create conditions where people speak with complete candor (no matter the topic) and with complete respect (no matter the person). Gain skills that enable spirited dialogue and reduce deference and defiance. Begin stepping up to tough issues and sharing opinions, feelings, and information safely and freely. Learn how to promote the best ideas, save time with fewer meetings and have less disagreement; as you build more alignment with better decisions. This course has been designed to help individuals, teams, leaders and organizations deal effectively with difficult subjects, facilitate open and honest two-way communication and improve unity and conviction among people.

• Resolve disagreements through accurately addressing concerns by talking respectively, candidly and skillfully with someone in a safe way.
• Build acceptance rather than resistance through giving and receiving feedback in a way that enhances relationships and improves results.
• Speak persuasively not abrasively while effectively talking about emotional and controversial topics that have high stakes.
• Foster teamwork by getting the right people involved in a way that ensures better decision making and guarantees commitment and conviction.
• Through individual assessments, gain greater self awareness as to personal preferences, hot buttons and reactions to various situations.
• Describe the importance of exploring other’s perspectives and paths and, with that information, develop a personal strategy to be used in crucial conversations with others in order to increase productivity.

Target Audience:
Ideal for supervisors and leaders who have responsibilities to get work accomplished with others. Also, for any employee who wants to improve their two way communication skills as they strive for excellence in the workplace. (Open to FWS employees and Department of Interior employees on a space available basis).

Delivery MethodInstructor Led
Non-FWS Fee$398.00
Instructional Hours16
Course Content ContactJack Owens: jack_owens@fws.gov and Dan Canham: dan_canham@fws.gov; (304) 876-7903; jack_owens@fws.gov
Curriculum CategoryLeadership and Supervision
Course FrequencyMultiple per year
Registration LinkLMS
College Credit NameSemester Hours
College Credit Value1
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