LED5149 - Delivering a Training Session

Course CodeLED5149
Course TitleDelivering a Training Session

This course covers presentation and classroom management skills for effective instruction. During this course, participants use a variety of methods and techniques to deliver their own training session content, with video taping of class presentations used as an evaluation tool. Participants should bring lesson plans and course materials they have already developed to this course for use in the practice session.


  • Apply instructional objectives and lesson plans in a training session.
  • Demonstrate a variety of methods to enhance instruction.
  • Use techniques to effectively manage the classroom environment.
  • Use visual aids to support instruction.

Target Audience:
Employees who will be conducting training sessions. (This is a three day class on DELIVERING training, only. For the full one week class on DESIGNING as well as DELIVERING, please see LED5109)

Delivery MethodInstructor Led
Non-FWS Fee$597.00
Instructional Hours24
Course Content ContactJack Owens: jack_owens@fws.gov; (304) 876-7903; jack_owens@fws.gov
Curriculum CategoryLeadership and Supervision
Registration LinkLMS
College Credit NameSemester Hours
College Credit Value1
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