CSP7100 - GIS Introduction

Course CodeCSP7100
Course TitleGIS Introduction

Note: Tuition is not applicable to FWS, BLM and NPS employees.

A geographic information system (GIS) is a powerful tool that can assist conservation professionals in natural resource-related projects. This course gives participants an introduction to GIS technology and terminology and teaches them how to use an existing GIS. Professionals emerge from this course with skills in the use of GIS software. Training examples use data from actual FWS projects and other similar conservation efforts.
College Credit: 2 semester hours.


  • Describe the basic functioning of GIS technology and its application to natural resource management; 
  • Make decisions in the application of GIS technology to natural resource issues; 
  • Create and print maps; and 
  • Use GIS software for natural resource applications. 


Professionals working in conservation and natural resource projects, including field station and refuge personnel who wish to use the capabilities of GIS to better manage natural resources. No previous experience with GIS is required. Note: Experienced individuals who wish to develop GIS systems should consider taking 'GIS Project Design for Natural Resources' (TEC7129)

Delivery MethodInstructor Led
Non-FWS Fee$956.00
Instructional Hours32
Course Content ContactMark Richardson: mark_richardson@fws.gov; (304) 876-7470; mark_richardson@fws.gov
Curriculum CategoryGeospatial and Statistics
Course FrequencyTwice per year
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Schedule:  CSP7100 - GIS Introduction

StartEndSession InformationLocationSession Contact
6/12/2017 6/15/2017 Class begins at 8:00 AM on first day.
Class ends at Noon on last day.
National Conservation Training Center (NCTC) So Lan Ching, so_lan_ching@fws.gov
(304) 876-7771