CSP4200 - Data Analysis I: Statistical Concepts and Procedures Using R

Course CodeCSP4200
Course TitleData Analysis I: Statistical Concepts and Procedures Using R
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The purpose of this course is to provide the fundamental background which is necessary for the modeling of biological and environmental data.

Participants will use the statistical software package R to describe data sets, simulate random variable and sampling distributions, Type I & II error rates, and confidence intervals, perform power analysis of experimental designs, and analyze data using inferential statistical procedures. Other topics include fundamentals of sampling design and computational approaches to data analysis including bootstrapping and randomization tests. The general approach is a topic presentation by an instructor, followed by a instructor-led computer exercise, then an “independent” class computer exercise applying the concepts learned on biological and environmental data. Participants are encouraged to discuss data in which they are currently engaged with.
• Development of statistical thinking skills, increased performance in balancing risks, and improved scientific decision-making.

• Enhanced statistical problem-solving capabilities, more efficient communication with statisticians, more in-depth assessment of reports and studies in the literature, and strengthened aptitude to continue developing statistical skills after course completion.

• Defend rationale of data interpretations, including the setting of Type I and II error rates and statistical power they relate to management implications.

• Interpret results of statistical procedures.

• Enhanced proficiency in the use of R.

Target Audience:
Those interested in more fully utilizing statistical tools in research, management, and decision-making.
Delivery MethodInstructor Led
Non-FWS Fee$1,195.00
Instructional Hours38
Course Content ContactEric Kelchlin: eric_kelchlin@fws.gov; (304) 876-7453; eric_kelchlin@fws.gov
Curriculum CategoryGeospatial and Statistics
Course FrequencyOnce per year
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Schedule:  CSP4200 - Data Analysis I: Statistical Concepts and Procedures Using R

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10/3/2016 10/7/2016 Class begins at 8:00 AM on first day.
Class ends at Noon on last day.
National Conservation Training Center (NCTC) So Lan Ching, so_lan_ching@fws.gov
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