CSP4110 - Population Viability Analysis I: Concepts and Procedures

Course CodeCSP4110
Course TitlePopulation Viability Analysis I: Concepts and Procedures
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Population Viability Analysis I (CSP4110) course will explore the theory and application of analytical approaches and models to the management of threatened and endangered plant and animal populations. Emphasis will also be placed on the development of analytical skills, estimation of vital rates, modeling population dynamics, and the interpretation of model outcomes for managing threatened populations. The course is designed for students to learn the concepts and techniques through lectures, exercises, and working with data sets. The aim of these exercises is to familiarize students with the mathematical notation, statistical approaches, and modeling techniques frequently used in population viability analysis. Concepts and techniques covered in class will include: (1) methods of population trend (count-based) analysis to estimate deterministic and stochastic population growth rates, and for stochastic projection of unstructured models; (2) creation of life cycle diagrams, and age-and stage-based projection matrices to calculate deterministic population growth rates; (3) use of sensitivity analysis of deterministic matrix models to evaluate the elasticity and sensitivity of demographic parameters to perturbation; (4) stochastic population simulation modeling, (5) techniques for demographic parameter estimation; (6) measures of uncertainty and Akaike Information Criterion (AIC) model selection methods, and (7) approaches to modeling metapopulations including structured and occupancy models.
The objective of this course is to develop the practical skills in the students, given the diverse array of models and procedures available, needed to assess and critique population trend and viability analyses in the field.
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Curriculum CategoryGeospatial and Statistics
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