CSP3310 - River Morphology and Applications

Course CodeCSP3310
Course TitleRiver Morphology and Applications

Registration open to FWS personnel only. All others, including DOI agencies, must register through Wildland Hydrology (Phone: 970/568-0003).

This course is designed to train individuals to delineate stream types using the stream classification method as published in 'Applied River Morphology', Rosgen, 1996. A combination of lecture and field sessions will provide practical experience in the topics listed below.

Prerequisite: FIS3210 Applied Fluvial Geomorphology

•Integrate fluvial geomorphology concepts with problem solving techniques .
•Determine and map land forms, land types and valley types .
•Pre-map stream types on aerial photos and topographic maps .
•Field validation of the bankfull stage at a USGS stream gaging station.
•Use field methods to properly measure morphological variables .
•Observe all of the major stream types, A-G, in the field .
•Discuss ecosystem management applications using stream types such as:.
•fish habitat structure evaluation.
•riparian management/grazing methods.
•watershed management/cumulative effects assessment and analysis .
•hydraulic and sediment relations engineering design concepts .

Target Audience:
Field staff involved in stream habitat assessment and restoration. This course is a pre-requisite to the FIS3410 River Assessment and Monitoring - Level III course.

Delivery MethodInstructor Led
Non-FWS Fee$1,195.00
Instructional Hours36
Course Content ContactGary Schetrompf: gary_schetrompf@fws.gov; (304) 876-7255; gary_schetrompf@fws.gov
Curriculum CategoryHabitat Assessment Restoration and Management
Course FrequencyOnce per year
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College Credit NameSemester Hours
College Credit Value2
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Schedule:  CSP3310 - River Morphology and Applications

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4/15/2019 4/19/2019 For registration questions: michele_atha@fws.gov
For course content questions: gary_schetrompf@fws.gov
Class starts at 8:00 AM on first day and ends at Noon on last day
National Conservation Training Center (NCTC) Michele Atha; michele_atha@fws.gov