CSP2301 - Advanced Fisheries Management-Self Study UDT

Course CodeCSP2301
Course TitleAdvanced Fisheries Management-Self Study UDT
DescriptionTUITION FEES: The Cost To Learner displayed in the Course Details is $600. Additional information is available at the NCTC website.

Note: Tuition is not applicable to FWS, BLM and NPS employees

This graduate-level course includes readings, writing papers, and completion of a final management plan. There will be opportunity for you to engage in in-depth discussion for several important topics in fisheries assessment and management. The primary areas that will be explored in detail include fish sampling, indices, and exploitation and harvest regulations. However, all aspects o fishery management (i.e., habitat management, biota management, and human management) will b touched upon during the course. Each topic will b an independent self study using a set o notes (including examples) and a list o references. Case studies i each topic area will b used a an active learning tool t improve understanding and retention o course material. The instructor provides review and feedback o written assignments. Electronic files are provided on a CD.
Delivery MethodOnline Self Study
Non-FWS Fee$600.00
Instructional Hours45
Course Content ContactMatthew Patterson: matthew_patterson@fws.gov; (304) 876-7473; matthew_patterson@fws.gov
Curriculum CategoryEcology and Field Biology
Course FrequencyEvery other year
Registration LinkLMS
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Schedule:  CSP2301 - Advanced Fisheries Management-Self Study UDT