CSP1003 - Field Data Management using MS Access

Course CodeCSP1003
Course TitleField Data Management using MS Access
Data management is an integral part of natural resource management. Qualitative, quantitative, and hierarchical data are often collected as part of monitoring or research projects, to either be archived for future reference or analyzed for specific needs. The skill to appropriately catalog, organize, and subsequently access the data for future analysis in a timely manner is essential and will improve the ability to analyze data. This course will cover the principles of data organization, including types of hierarchical data typically collected by natural resource professionals, development of relational databases, data management and manipulation, and formatting data for use in other statistical analysis software packages. Concepts and techniques covered in class will include: 1) organization of hierarchical data; 2) development of MS Access databases; 3) relationships among tables in a MS Access database; 4) data entry and creation of forms; 5) building queries; 6) developing reports; and 7) exporting data for use in other statistical applications. Participants will use their data to develop an MS Access database.


Use knowledge of data hierarchy and database development to facilitate analysis of data and ease of sharing data among natural resource partners;

Develop a MS Access database for a project;

Within a MS Access database, develop tables and relationships among tables, enter and import data, create forms, build queries, develop reports, and export data to other statistical applications; and

Use pivot tables for summarizing data.

Target Audience: Biologists, technicians, researchers, and natural resource managers involved in data collection and dissemination of results from biological data.

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Curriculum CategoryStatistics and Modeling
Course FrequencyOnce per year
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Schedule:  CSP1003 - Field Data Management using MS Access

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National Conservation Training Center (NCTC) Sharon Howard; sharon_howard@fws.gov