CSP0100 - Fisheries Academy

Course CodeCSP0100
Course TitleFisheries Academy
DescriptionThis introductory course gives participants an overview of the FWS Fisheries Program and its operations. Designed for all fisheries program staff, the course examines the program’s legislation and policies, organization and responsibilities of the Washington, regional, and field offices, and how the Fisheries Program and its partners carry out its mission of restoring and protecting aquatic resources following the guidance of the Fisheries Program Vision document and the tenants of Strategic Habitat Conservation.

Prior to attending the class each participant must:
  • Complete and bring a current IDP.
  • Study and recall 'Conserving America’s Fisheries – Fisheries Program Vision for the Future.'

At the end of the training, each participant will be able to:
  • Describe Fisheries legislation and policies and their effect on everyday work in the field;
  • Discuss Washington, regional, and field office organization, functions, and perspectives;
  • Explain the various programs within Fisheries (National Fish Hatchery program, FW Conservation Offices) and their interactions with other programs within Fisheries and Habitat Conservation;
  • Examine the Fisheries Program Vision document, how it relates to the Strategic Plan and performance measures, and discuss how to implement it within the Fisheries Program;
  • Examine how Climate Change will impact the work of the Fisheries Program in the future;
  • Outline and describe the FWS Budget Process, Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA), and the Administration’s Program Assessment Rating Tool (PART);
  • Describe the values, objectives and methods of using partnerships and collaboration to accomplish the Fisheries Program mission;
  • Using demographic data, describe the changing profile of how the nation’s population utilizes and values natural resources, and how the cultural shift will impact future fisheries operations;
  • Describe the values, objectives and methods of using public outreach, volunteer, connecting people with nature, and education programs to accomplish the Fisheries Program mission;
  • Describe the connection between the FIS and SAMMS data, and how HACCP planning influence the daily operations of Fisheries Field Stations and the budget formulation process;
  • Examine the Governments greening initiatives, RCRA, NEPA, energy conservation and recycling programs, and how all field stations will implement; and
  • Investigate various career paths in the field of fisheries science and begin learning how to manage their careers.

Target Audience:
All fisheries program staff. Each Regional ARD for Fisheries will nominate three individuals to attend this course and provide a prioritized list of alternates to NCTC four months prior to the start of the class.
Delivery MethodInstructor Led
Non-FWS Fee$2,390.00
Instructional Hours76
Course Content ContactMatthew Patterson: matthew_patterson@fws.gov; (304) 876-7473; matthew_patterson@fws.gov
Curriculum CategoryAcademies
Course FrequencyEvery other year
Registration CategoryNomination
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College Credit NameSemester Hours
College Credit Value2
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Schedule:  CSP0100 - Fisheries Academy

StartEndSession InformationLocationSession ContactSession Details
2/25/2019 3/8/2019 For registration questions: sharon_howard@fws.gov
For course content questions: matthew_patterson@fws.gov
Class starts at 8:00 AM on the first day and ends at noon on the last day
National Conservation Training Center (NCTC) Sharon Howard; sharon_howard@fws.gov

By nomination by the Regional ARD