CLM2151 - Designing a Biological Monitoring Program: Concepts and Examples

Course CodeCLM2151
Course TitleDesigning a Biological Monitoring Program: Concepts and Examples
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Designing a monitoring program with clear objectives that is also statistically defensible and cost-effective is challenging. This course addresses the design of a monitoring program for the conservation and management of biological resources. Participants will acquire a big-picture conceptual framework for planning monitoring and linking monitoring to station or agency mission, management objectives and decision making. The course emphasizes design of a monitoring program within a management context, and focuses on indentifying clear objectives and evaluating progress towards those objectives. This course reviews statistical concepts, equations and models needed to design monitoring surveys, but does not teach specific data analysis.

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:
• Participate in the design of a monitoring program or survey to address a specific question or information need, including prioritizing among a set of possible monitoring objectives.
• Select the type of monitoring that best addresses a specific natural resource management problem.
• Communicate effectively with a statistician or consultant to develop a sampling design and the associated analyses that address a natural resource problem.
• Coordinate data management, analysis, and reporting that address the specific question or management need, advances learning, or reduces management uncertainty.

Target Audience:
Biologists and managers who are engaged in developing, conducting, supervising or evaluating biological monitoring surveys and programs. Participants should have a basic understanding of statistics equivalent to an introductory undergraduate course. For those who want to learn to apply specific statistical analysis methods, the NCTC Conservation Science and Policy Branch offers a Data Analysis Series (starting with CSP4200).

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