ALC3916 - Adaptation: Planning and Tool(s)

Course CodeALC3916
Course TitleAdaptation: Planning and Tool(s)

This 5-day class, provides participants with the skills and tools needed to demystify climate adaptation for application to on-the ground conservation. Based on three guides* that address planning for climate-related impacts and uncertainties, the course will provide participants with guidance on how to act with intentionality while managing for change, not just persistence. Participants will work in teams to apply the climate-smart conservation cycle to regionally focused projects, starting with creation of climate-informed goals and objectives. The vulnerability of species and/or habitats likely to be affected by projected changes will be evaluated and climate-related management challenges and uncertainties will be addressed through the development of future scenarios. A final team project will be required to summarize the process.

*Guides used in this course include:

Climate-Smart Conservation: Putting Adaptation Principles into Practice

Considering Multiple Futures: Scenario Planning to Address Uncertainty in Natural Resource Conservation

Scanning the Conservation Horizon: A Guide to Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment


At the conclusion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Design adaptation planning processes that are relevant at different geographic scales (e.g., place-based to large landscape level) and under varying degrees of social and ecological complexity.
  • Evaluate conservation goals from a climate change perspective, and align adaptation strategies with climate-informed goals.
  • Explain how climate change vulnerability, risk assessments, and climate projections inform adaptation
  • Describe basic steps of scenario planning and explore uncertainty by constructing situation-appropriate scenarios for future climatic, social, and ecological conditions, as appropriate.
  • Describe the process for identifying possible adaptation options based on vulnerability information and other management considerations across one or more possible future conditions.
  • Integrate climate adaptation into existing planning and decision making processes and policies.
  • Tell a clear and compelling story of how your conservation project is designed, or can be modified, to achieve climate adaptation outcomes. 

The class is directed toward those interested in learning methods and tools to incorporate climate information into their conservation planning and management efforts. The target audience includes conservation practitioners, planners, and natural resource managers working at multiple scales to ensure the ongoing effectiveness of their work in an era of climate change.

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