ALC3197 - Structured Decision Making Practitioners Development Program

Course CodeALC3197
Course TitleStructured Decision Making Practitioners Development Program
DescriptionA knowledgeable and skilled workforce will be our foundation for responding broadly to a goal of making better conservation decisions at all levels, while also using more specialized and technical applications where needed. This program is intended to provide opportunities for structured decision making practitioners to attain competency in the application of decision theory and associated analytical tools needed to bolster the Department of Interior’s ability to conduct robust and defensible decision making. The program builds on the rigor of NCTC’s existing decision analysis curriculum (developed in partnerships with USGS) to include informal mentoring and experiential learning opportunities with more experienced members of the SDM community of practice. Participants will benefit from an accelerated and in-depth exposure to and practice with decision analytic methods, along with techniques for facilitation and elicitation to attain a desired level of competency using real-world decision problems. Individual learning plans will vary but will include core decision courses along with developmental assignments and readings, experiential learning through apprentice coaching opportunities, assistant teaching assignments, and self-directed learning.

• Diagnose when problems are ready for objective decision analysis, and when situations would benefit from efforts in conflict resolution or joint fact finding as precursors or in combination with decision analysis
• Discern the scope and complexity of a decision problem, including potential relationships to other decisions
• Identify and apply decision analytic tools that are appropriate and effective to the problem’s scope and complexity
• Facilitate teams of conservation managers and stakeholders to structure a problem in a transparent fashion, such that each decision element is clearly articulated
• Identify and interpret the underlying risks and uncertainties that influence a decision problem and communicate those to stakeholders and managers
• Lead a team in the facilitation of a process to reach a recommendation that addresses major existing regulatory frameworks
• Effectively teach the basics of decision analysis to conservation managers and stakeholders

Target Audience: Conservation professionals who want to develop expertise in structured decision making, who have completed the Introduction to SDM course, and can commit to an accelerated learning schedule.
Delivery MethodOnline Self Study
Non-FWS Fee$0.00
Instructional Hours180
Course Content ContactChristy Coghlan:; (304) 876-7438;
Curriculum CategoryDecision Analysis
Course FrequencyOnce per year
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