DOI-SUPV-OLT-106 - Conduct and Performance-Based Actions

Course CodeDOI-SUPV-OLT-106
Course TitleConduct and Performance-Based Actions
DescriptionMost Federal employees work hard and are great performers. However, at times, you, as a Federal supervisor, may be faced with an employee whose performance is not acceptable or who is guilty of misconduct. The purpose of this course is to help you address and resolve poor performance and correct employee misconduct. This course is a prerequisite for the instructor-led course “BLM/FWS/NPS Supervisory Skills Workshop” for new supervisors, meaning you MUST complete it before attending that course. And if you have NOT taken the on-line course “Managing Employee Performance” which covers the fundamentals of the DOI Performance Management System, you should take that course before attempting this one. Neither course is required for other supervisors, but both can serve as great refreshers when you need to deal with performance and conduct issues and haven’t looked at the rules or regulations for a while.
Delivery MethodOnline Self Study
Non-FWS Fee$0.00
Instructional Hours1.5
Course Content ContactKim Flanders:; (602) 906-5628 ;
Curriculum CategoryLeadership and Supervision
Course FrequencyOnce per year
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College Credit NameCPE
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