OUT8162 - Education Programs for Youth: School's Out

Course CodeOUT8162
Course TitleEducation Programs for Youth: School's Out
DescriptionThis course instructs participants in the elements of designing comprehensive ecosystem/wildlife study programs for youth in non-formal settings, such as wildlife refuges, outdoor camps and after-school or weekend/summer programs. Participants learn about available teaching materials, teaching techniques and how to develop complete study units and programs. Course focus is on designing and implementing complete programs on wildlife or ecosystem related topics.
Outline steps in planning and designing an outdoor education program;
Explain the process of group building and skills needed to facilitate group activities;
List ideas for creating good staff communications;
Describe techniques for developing leadership;
Plan a unit for an outdoor education program;
Conduct an outdoor education activity with students; and>br> Suggest stewardship projects for camp and community.
Target Audience:
Refuge/hatchery managers, refuge operations specialists, outdoor recreation planners, park rangers or any other Land Management employees who offer or wish to offer camp programs or other informal education programs for youth.

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Note: Tuition is not applicable to FWS, BLM and NPS employees

Delivery MethodInstructor Led
Non-FWS Fee$597.00
Instructional Hours21
Course Content ContactSandy Spakoff: sandy_spakoff@fws.gov; (304) 876-7783; sandy_spakoff@fws.gov
Curriculum CategoryEnvironmental Education
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