Time Capsule - National Wildlife Refuge Time Capsule Artifacts

National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) Artifact(s)
Ace Basin NWR, SC Refuge centennial ball cap, brochure, fact sheet on plantation house.
Agassiz NWR, MN Story of the tower at Agassiz NWR, refuge brochure.
Alaska Maritime NWR, AK Refuge scrapbook.
Alaska Peninsula NWR, AK T-shirt, junior refuge manager badge.
Alligator River NWR, NC Heirloom quality, signed, numbered, limited edition stained glass red-headed woodpecker and blue goose.
Aransas NWR/Matagorda Island NWR, TX General brochures, photo of FDR establishing Aranasas NWR, current map, copy of Federal Register page, newspaper articles, photos of refuge signs.
Arapaho NWR, CO Brochures, wildlife list.
Archie Carr NWR, FL Staff photo, green sea turtle puppet.
Arctic NWR, AK* Copy of public land order 2214, copy of 1980 Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act, photo of porcupine caribou herd, musk ox hide swag, Arctic Village fish hook, Spear Point artifact, oil bearing rock, Wilderness Meanings Associated with Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.
Arrowwood NWR, ND Staff autographed book Dust Bowl Diary.
Arrowwood WMD, ND FWS easement sign.
Ashe Meadows NWR, NV Refuge brochures, wildlife checklist, plant checklist, local AAA road map, sixteen refuge photos.
Attwater Prairie Chicken NWR, TX General brochure.
Audubon NWR, ND Audubon color plate of brown pelican, brochures, auto tour guide, wildlife list.
Back Bay NWR, VA 1970 Master Plan.
Balcones Canyonland NWR, TX Infrared satellite map, realty map, acquisition summary, staff comments about refuge.
Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge, UT Refuge t-shirt signed by employees.
Benton Lake NWR and WMD, MT General brochure, wildlife list, wildlife drive brochure, staff photo, sameple western Montana easement, aerial photo posters, satellite image poster.
Big Lake NWR, AR Photo of charter members of new Friends group, signed proclamation of the Year of the National Wildlife Refuges in the state of Arkansas for the Centennial Year.
Bitter Lake NWR, NM General brochure, 2001 Dragonfly Festival mug.
Blackwater NWR, MD Patch, pin, CD Driving Tour of Blackwater, scapbook for refuges, scrapbook for Friends group.
Bombay Hook NWR, DE 1997 GIS photo, refuge brochures, centennial pin, 1939 Annual Narrative Report, "A History of Bombay Hook."
Bond Swamp NWR, GA T-shirt and program from gran opening, brochure
Bowdoin NWR, MT Staff signed copy of web pages.
Boyer Chute NWR, NE Public Use Regulations.
Browns Park NWR, CO 1997 aerial photo, 1954 topography map, manuscript on establishment of Cottonwood seedlings.
Buffalo Lake NWR, TX* 1953 boat license plate, staff photo, refuge leaflets.
Cabeza Prieta NWR, AZ Tow copies of 2003--Year of the Refuge: An Arizona View calendar.
Canaan Valley NWR, WV Poster and sticker celbrating America's 500th refuge.
Cape May NWR, NJ General brochure, "Activities in New Jersey" brochure
Cape Romain NWR, SC* Refuge scrapbook with sweetgrass basket, glass sample of the lens of 1857 Cape Island Lighthouse, descriptions and photos of refuge, lighthouses, hurrican Hugo, an untold story and current events.
Carolina Sandhills NWR, SC Brochure, factsheet, red-cockaded woodpecker cavity insert and bands used to mark chicks in spring.
Cat Island NWR, LA Photos of national champion bald cypress tree, general brochure.
Catahoula NWR, LA Public Hunting sign, public fishing sign, staff photo, hunting and fishing regulations, refuge brochure, trail guide, Junior Refuge Manager Badge.
Central Arkansas Refuges, AR Booklet of staff letters, Balkd Knob and Cahe River general and public use brochures, Cache River and Bald Knob final environmental assessment and land protection plan, and Central Arkansas Refuges map standing 48'' tall.
Charles M. Russel NWR, MT Refuge booklet, organizatio chart, list of former  refuge managers.
Chase Lake NWR, AL American white pelican colony nesting table, 1972-2002.
Chesapeake Marshlands NWR Complex, MD Laminated maps, Delmarva fox squirrel fur, American nutria fur.
Chincoteague NWR, VA Refuge brochures, blue goose centennial pin, magnet, patch, hiking staff medallion, refuge patch, master plan, entrance pass.
Choctaw NWR, AL Historic photo of FWS wide-load truck with refuge mechanics.
Clarks River NWR, KY Copy of land conveyance certificate.
Coachella Valley NWR, CA Fact sheets.
Crane Meadows NWR, MN Volunteer recognition mug, visitor information leaflet, cross country ski trail sheet.
Crescent Lake/North Platte NWR Complex, NE Packet of Blowout Penstemon seeds, narrative and photo of endangered plant Blowout Penstemon, Comprehensive Conservation Plan.
Crosby WMD, ND Staff photos.
Cross Creeks NWR, TN Scrapbook containing master plan, historic and contemporary brochures, letters from youhs, photos, old and new guest registers.
Cypress Creek NWR, IL General brochure, Cache river wetlands ornamental carving.
Deer Flat NWR, ID Jurisdiction over surface uses of Lake Lowell, general brochure, bird list.
Detroit Lakes WMD, MN Prairie seed mixture.
Des Lacs NWR, ND Staff photo.
Desoto NWR, IA Desoto NWR pin, seeds from native prairie grasses and wildflowers, refuge brochures, leaflets on the steamboat Bertrand, postcard, Steamboat Bertrand classification and collection totals.
Ding Darling NWR, FL Volunteer handbook, resident crocodile story.
Eastern Massachusetts NWR Complex, MA Staff autographed refuge ball cap.
Easern Neck NWR, MD Brochures, postcard and patch.
Edwin B. Forsythe NWR, NJ Refuge poster, brochures, Friends group fact sheet.
Erie NWR, PA Framed general brochure, refuge map, staff photo.
Eufaula NWR, AL Video, general brochure.
Felsenthal NWR, AR Staff photo, photo of armadillo, photos o fred-cockaded woodpecker researcher, Ouachita and Black River visitors guide, general brochure, hunting regulations, bird list, summer camp thank you cards, bear hunting advisory flyer.
Fergus Falls WMD, MN Bird list.
Fish Springs NWR, UT Photo of 1999 employees reunion.
Fisherman Island NWR, VA Magnet.
Florida Keys NWR Complex, FL Scrapbook with items from the following refuges: Crocodile Lake, National Key Deer Refuge, Key West, Great White Heron.
Florida Panther NWR, FL Plaster casts of Florida panther.
Fort Niobrara NWR, NE "An Atlas of Sand Hills", Comprehensive Conservation Plan, brochures.
Grand Cote NWR, LA Laminated 1998 aerial photo.
Great Bay NWR, NH Mug, fact sheet.
Great Dismal Swamp NWR, VA The Natural History of Great Dismal Swamp, refuge brochures, six photos of wildlife and plants, magnet from 25th anniversary, Charles Kuralt Trail leaflet.
Great River NWR, MI Staff photo.
Great Swamp NWR, NJ Great Swamp NWR belt buckle.
Guam NWR, Guam Magnet.
Kakalau Forest NWR, HI T-shirt.
Hagerman NWR, TX Refuge leaflets.
Hamden Slough NWR, MN Twenty-three b&w photos of staff, volunteers, buildings.
Hobe Sound NWR, FL Rubber leatherback, loggerhead, and green sea turtle figurines representing sea turtles of the refuge.
Hopper Mountain NWR Complex, CA* General Brochure, 2002 California condor recovery program update, 2000 news release on establishment of satellite refuge, California condor satellite telemetry transmitter.
Horicon NWR, WI Framed photo of nesting white pelican, submissions about pelicans on the refuge, staff photo.
Huron WMD, SD Scrapbook.
Hutton Lake NWR, WY Excerpt from 2001 Annual Narrative.
Imperial NWR, AZ Refuge centennial t-shirt.
Iroquois NWR, NY Historic master plan.
Izembek NWR, AK Wilderness proposal, land protection plan, 1961 narrative report, general brochure, unexploded ordinance leaflet, visitors map.
J. Clark Salyer NWR, ND Visitors guide to J. Clark Salyer Wetland Management District.
John Heinz NWR at Tinicum, PA Photo book about refuge written in Chinese and sold only in Taiwan.
John W. and Louise Seier NWR, NE Refuge description.
Johnston Atoll NWR, AP* Gas mask, "Caution Radiation Area" sign, razor coral, high altitude photo, general brochure, copy of executive order.
Kanuti NWR, AK Biological review packet.
Kenai NWR, AK T-shirt and 60 year pin.
Klamath Basin NWRS Complex, CA Four postcards, picture book on Klamath Basin refuges.
Kodiak NWR, AK Laminated collage.
Koyukuk/Nowitna NWR Complex, AK 1999 Narrative Report, "Raven's Story" cd, Shadows on the Koyukuk autographed book, general brochure, bird list, mosse hunting leaflet, photographs of refuge stff, facilities, land, and wildlife.
Lacassine NWR, LA General brochure, bird list, hunting regulations, coastal prairie brochure, historic refuge photos, organization chart.
Lacreek NWR, SD Limited edition print of a pair of trumpeter swans on the refuge.
Lake Andes NWR Complex* 1940 bronze plaque from a water control structure
Lake Ilo NWR, ND Three pieces of Knife River flint.
Lake Ophelia NWR, LA Summary of draft Comprehensive Conservation Plan.
Lamesteer NWR, MT Refuge summary with map.
Las Vegas NWR, NM General brochure.
Lee Metcalf NWR, MT 2003 Calendar of Events.
Little Pend Oreille NWR, WA Summary of Comprehensive Conservation Plan.
Leopold WMD, WI 2002 Restoration Plan for the Baraboo River Waterfowl Production Area.
Long Island NWR Complex, NY Refuge outreach packet.
Long Lake NWR, ND Scrapbook.
Lost Trail NWR, MT Where the Green Grass Grows signed by author.
Lostwood NWR, ND Summary of Comprehensive Conservation Plan booklet, staff photo.
Loxahatchee NWR, FL Samples of Everglades peat, apple snail shell, pond cypress, sawgrass; refuge pin; brochure; refuge newsletter; staff photo; tearsheet map.
Lower Suwanee NWR, FL Descriptions with photos supporting theme of the system time cap
Madison WMD, SD Waterfowl protection area sign, letter from project leader, staff photo, new visitor center photo, fact sheet on waterfowl production areas. 1998 and 2001 National Wildlife Refuge Week posters, general brochure, grassland easement program leaflet, threatened and endangered species of the Dakotas poster.
Malheur NWR, OR Patch and pin.
Martin NWR, MD Scrapbook.
Medicine Lake NWR, MT Chapter from draft 2002 comprehensive conservation plan, 1940 photo of headquarters, refuge summary and map, NE Montana WMD summary and base map.
Meritt Island NWR, FL* Framed shuttle launch photo from director of Kennedy Space Center.
Mid-Columbia NWR, WA 1999 memorials to Umatilla Refuge employees Mike Callow and Kathy Cheap.
Minnesota Valley NWR, MN Volunteer staff shirt, pin, refuge map wood plaque, CD of web page.
Missisquoi NWR, VT Refuge brochure, post card, junior waterfowl hunter patch, memorandum to Director Gabrielson from J. Clark Saler with proposed refuge report, 2002 osprey nest locations, 2001 refuge newsletter, 2000 manuscript on "Assessment of populations, Nesting Behavior, and Habitat in a Mixed Colony of Great Blue Herons and Double-Breated Cormorants", staff photo.
Modoc NWR, CA Brochuer with staff signatures, centennial window decal, hunting brochure, Doris Reservoir brochurre, wildlife list, banded sandhill crane leg.
Montezuma NWR, NY Blue goose pin, Seneca Falls photo, brochure, bird list, bald eagle leaflet.
Morris WMD, MN Easement brochure, WPA visitors guide, auto guide, cd of powerpoint  on Wetland Management Districts.
Mortenson Lake NWR, WY Excerpt from 2001 Annual Narrative.
Muscatatuck NWR, IN Refuge pin, general brochure.
National Bison Range, MT Bison fur samples, annula reports of the American bison Society 1905-1909.
National Elk Refuge, WY Wildlife Legacy, The National Elk Refuge, National Elk Refuge pin and patch, National Elk Refuge 75th Anniversary pin and patch.
Necedah NWR, WI* Whopping crane puppet head for costume rearing, whooping crane eastern partnership pin, laminated photo of ultralight and costume rearing, laminated write-up of refuge, general brochure.
Neal Smith NWR, IA Pin, refuge brochure.
North Mississippi Refuges Complex, MS Refuge centennial hat.
Nowitna NWR, AK Brochure.
Noxubee NWR 2001 annual narrative.
Oahu NWR Complex, HI Scan of 1944 photo of James Campbell NWR, refuge brochure, wing of a Pacific golden plover.
Ohio River NWR, WV Elephant ear freshwater mussel, refuge brochure, Muskingum Island boat tour brochure.
Okefenokee NWR, GA Signed book on the Okefenokee swamp.
Oregon Coast NWRs, OR Sanctuary: The Story of Three Arch Rocks children's book, refuge poster, Oregon 2002 Federal Junior Duck Stamp Awards Ceremony Invitation and program, general brochure.
Ottawa NWR, OH Draft of general brochure, photo collage of "then and now" refuge scenes, 2002 Federal Duck Stamp print, magnet.
Ouray NWR, UT 2001 Annual Narrative Report, copy of Comprehensive Cnservation Plan (CCP) and CCP summary.
Overflow/Oakwood NWR, AR General brochure, hunting regulations, staff photo.
Parker River NWR, MA Rachel Carson's "Conservation in Action Series"
Pathfinder NWR, WY Excerpt from 2001 Annual Narrative.
Patuxent NWR, MD Guide to Field Identification, Birds of North America signed by Chandler Robbins, press release about Robbins' 50 years of service at Patuxent, summary of 100 Years of Bird Banding in North America, string of bird bands, description of migratory bird studies at Patuxent, general brochure.
Pea Island NWR, NC Heirloom quality, signed, numbered, limited edition stained glass oystercatcher.
Pelican Island NWR, FL Southeast region scroll organizationally arranged and signed by all refuge managers/project leaders, Centennial Trail construction stff photo and t-shirt, habitat restoration staff photo and t-shirt, refuge staff photo on Pelican Island observation tower, refuge uniform.
Petit Manan NWR, ME Refuge map, tern decoy, Seabird Restoration Report 2002, refuge brochures.
Piedmont NWR, GA Brocuhre, 50th anniversary invitation, Georgia's NWRs leaflet
Pocosin Lakes NWR, NC Clay marker.
Pond Creek NWR, AR Staff photo, general brochure, hunting regulations, centennial fee demonstration program funding request.
Prairie Wetlands Learning Center, MN Easement brochures, WPA visitors guide, 2002-2003 school programs brochure, 1960 Bureau of Sport Fisheries and Wildlife pamphlet, 2001 National Wildlife Refuge Week poster.
Prime Hook NWR, DE Refuge pin.
Quivira NWR, KS Refuge centennial belt buckle, friends belt buckle, Friends newsletter.
Rachel Carson NWR, ME Brochure, trail guide, 1962 paperback copy o fRachel Carson's Silent Spring.
Rainwater Basin WMD, NE Warranty deed, district map, visitors guide.
Region 5 Law Enforcement, MA Refuge officer badge.
Rice Lake NWR, MN Refuge brochures, wild rice collected on refuge.
Rocky Mountain Arsenal NWR, CO Staff autographed book Twenty Seven Square Miles, National Eagle Repository leaflet.
Roanoke River NWR, NC General refuge brochure, t-shirt, hunting plan, description of Friends group.
Ruby Lake NWR, NV Brochure, wildlife checklist, photos, newspaper articles and editorial cartoons from speed boat era, copy of court order settlement.
Rydell NWR, MN Trail map, photos, draft environmental assessment for proposed new refuge, Galcial Ridge.
Sabine NWR and Cameron Prairie NWR, LA General brochures, history and overview foldcard, Creole Nature Trail National Scenic Byway brochure.
Saint Croix WMD Copy of 2002 area community guide with article on St. Croix.
Saint Marks NWR, FL Longleaf pine tree poster.
Saint Vincent NWR, FL Refuge video with sportsman Fred Bear.
San Diego NWR, CA* General brochure, 2002 newsletter, Friends group brochure, feathers (great blue heron, red-tailed hawk, kestrel, light-footed clapper rail, black-crowned night heron, barn owl).
San Francisco Bay NWR, CA Har dbound book with a staff-signed introduction to the refuge and selected copies of "Tideline" newsletter.
San Luis NWR Complex, CA Tule elk antlers, history and status of elk.
Sand Lake NWR and WMD, SD Refuge brochures.
Santee NWR, SC Refuge balle cap, copy of Friends groups incorporation, summary of wood duck banding accomplishments, copy o fFWS NEWs article on refuge, copy of FWS news article on Santee Indian Mound and Fort Watson, letter to 2103 staff, wildlife lists.
Savannah Coastal Refuges Complex, GA Children's art poster of refuges.
Seal Beach NWR, CA* Eight panel table-top display.
Seedskadee NWR, WY Comprehensive Conservation Plan.
Selawik NWR, AK Tuttunnaiq video, polar bear swag.
Seney NWR, MI Copy of "Seney NWR: Its Story" by former refuge biologist with passages and signatures from refuge employees and volunteers.
Sevilleta NWR, NM T-shirt.
Sherburne NWR, MN Blue goose refuge pin, bur oak acorns, red oak acorns.
Shiawassee NWR, MI General brochure.
Sonny Bono Salton Sea NWR, CA* Atlas of the Salton Sea, refuge pin.
Stillwater NWR, NV In the Shadow of Fox Peak: An Ethnography of Cattail-eater Northern Paiute People of Stillwater Marsh.
Stone Lakes NWR, CA Freshwater clam
Sunkhaze Meadows NWR, ME Photo collage.
Supawna Meadows NWR Memorial to Rich Guadagnao.
Susquehanna NWR, MD Scrapbook.
Tamarac NWR, MN Patch.
Ten Thousand Islands NWR, FL Two shells of Florida tree snail.
Tennessee NWR, TN Scrapbook.
Tensas River NWR, LA T-shirt, refuge brochures.
Tetlin NWR, AK Refuge pin.
Texas Chenier Plain NWR Complex, TX Binder with refuge brochures and regulations, staff pictures, GPS maps; April 2002 edition of Gator Tales and May 2002 edition of Message from the Marsh.
Togiak NWR, AK* Walrus tusk.
Tualatin River NWR, OR RMIS printout of station purposes, mission, goals, and objectives.
Turnbull NWR, WA Habitat management plan (1999), scrapbook, brochures, timeline, photos.
Two Ponds NWR, CO T-shirt.
Upper Mississippi NW&FR, MN Brochure, bird list, public use regulations, photos of historic signs, cloth silkscreens of historic refuge signs.
Upper Souris NWR, ND Photo album with staff photo and photographic history of refuge, brochures.
Valentine NWR, NE Comprehensive Conervation Plan, brochures.
Wallkill River NWR, NJ General Brochure.
Wapanocca NWR, AR General brochure.
Washington Maritime NWR Complex, WA History of Protection Island, wildlife checklist for Dungeness NWR, pin, mpa and brochure for Dungeness NWR, geomorphology of Dungeness Spit, final public use Environmental Assessment for Dungeness NWR, Plant Life of Washinton State.
Waubay NWR, SD Staff autographed brochure, printout of web site, printout of visitor center display, aerial photographs
Waubay WMD, SD Printout of Website
West Tennessee Refuges Complex Scrapbook for Chickasaw, Lower Hatchie, Lake Isom, and Reelfoot National Wildlife Refuges.
Wheeler NWR, AL Refuge post card, pin, hat, t-shirt; Friends brochure, general brochure.
White River NWR, AR Arkansas Duck Hunters Almanac.
Whittlesey Creek NWR, WI Calligraphy poem from establishment ceremony.
Windom WMD, MN Heron Lake and Its Watershed booklet, "A Guide to Minnesota's Prairie Passage Route an dSites, Waterfowl Production Area boundary sign.
Yukon Delta NWR, AK T-shirt and patch.
Yukon Flats NWR, AK Refuge scrap book.
National Geographic Magazine Seven magazines with articles about refuges.
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