Gary Steinbach (1943-1994)



Gary Allen Steinbach was born on March 10, 1943, in Medford, Wisconsin.
The middle son of Walter and Amanda (Rehbein) Steinbach, he attended
school and graduated from Medford High School in 1961.  At 6' 6" tall, he
excelled at basketball and was part of a championship team during his high
school years.  He was awarded the Bausch and Lomb Science Award in his
senior year.

He was an avid, self-taught hunter, trapper and fisherman and spent many
hours in the woods.  These hobbies dominated his spare time throughout his

Gary attended the University of Wisconsin at Stevens Point and received a
Bachelors Degree in Conservation on June 4, 1966.
He then enlisted in the US Army and served 3 years during the Vietnam Era.
He was a radar specialist and participated in the installation of a major
radar base in Korea.  He was an excellent marksman in the army and
maintained this skill in his hunting exploits later.  His hunting
companions would vouch for his conservative hunting ethic.  He would not
take a bad shot.  Gary was honorably discharged from the US Army on July
6, 1969.

Gary began his career as a Fishery Biologist at Princeton, Indiana very
shortly after leaving the US Army.  He was transferred into his permanent
job at the Marquette Biological Station - Sea Lamprey Control on December
23, 1970.  He continued at that location for the next 24 years.  His
training on the chemical treatment crew made it shortly evident that he
had a natural ability to get along with people from all walks of life and
to produce skilled and accurate biological treatments for the sea lamprey
program.  He met his future wife, Joan , as a coworker and they shared 15
good years together.  He developed into a chemical crew leader and worked
effectively in that capacity until the time of his death.  He was
travelling in New York State working on the streams in that area when he
was involved in a semi-truck/car accident.  He was killed instantly and
left a family and many good friends.  He will always be remembered as a
wonderful, easy going person, who worked hard all his life and had no

A November, 1999 report of the 8 year Sea Lamprey Control program in Lake
Champlain was dedicated to Gary and stated, in part:
"Loss of Gary's knowledge and experience left a tremendous void in the
expertise of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and its Sea Lamaprey
Control Program.  Gary ranked with the finest of professionals.  His
dedication and loyalty, his ability to think clearly in difficult
situations and his leadership by example won the admiration and respect of
others.  He was well-liked and inspired a strong sense of confidence.
Gary's professional contributions to the Lake Champlain fisheries
management program have been immense.  The Lake Champlain Fish and
Wildlife Management Cooperative has been most appreciative of Gary's
efforts and will always feel a tremendous sense of loss in his passing."

These same feelings have been expressed in his home office, in Marquette,
Michigan where his work comrades continue to pay tribute to him in many


Joan E. Duncan spouse of Steinbach