Josh Nove (d. 1997)



Nove was born in Ipswich, MA.  He graduated in 1995 from Amherst College with honors in Biology.  In April 1997 he began work as a volunteer intern to assist with migratory bird banding, production, and migration studies at Mother Goose Lake in the Alaska Peninsula National Wildlife Refuge.  Nove's father noted his interest in birds from the age of three.  Refuge Manager Robin Hood noted "The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is built on a mission of caring and dedication, and in the short time that Josh was with us, he illustrated a fresh new interest in conservation for the future of younger generations."

Cause of Death

Josh Nove disappeared in Mother Goose Lake at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, July 3, 1997.  He was working with a group of Service employees and volunteers banding birds.  According to witnesses, Nove spotted two chicks swimming in shallow water near the island, and entered the ankle-deep water in pursuit of the chicks.  Witnesses said that he appeared to suddenly drop  into deeper water, and was unable to stay above the water.  Service employees immediately attempted rescue efforts with a boat and on foot.  Search efforts continued with Alaska State Troopers, helicopters, USFWS dive teams and dragging equipment.  Search efforts were greatly hampered by glacial silt laden waters with zero visibility.


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