Edgar Albert Lindgren


Cause of Death

Edgar Lindgren had recently become a U.S. Game Warden having served as U.S. Deputy Game Warden since June 1921. Lindgren came to Council Bluffs, Iowa three weeks before his death. He had already made a local name for himself arresting poachers for hunting turtle doves out of season. Three weeks after his arrival, on August 17, 1922, Lindgren approached three men near Big Lake for shooting a bittern out of season. Asking to see their hunting licenses, Lindgren was hit by a shotgun blast. Two of the hunters then shot him at point blank range as he lay disarmed and bleeding on the ground. Lindgren died four days later of his wounds. His shooters were convicted of second-degree murder and sentenced to life imprisonment. Lindgren's shooters were Italian and the case was used by some local papers to flame anti-immigration rhetoric.


Local newspapers of the era.