L.P. "Ike" Kindler (d. 1948)



On September 7, 1948 L.P. "Ike" Kindler of Waco, Texas was hired as a refuge manager SP-4 on Imperial National Wildlife Refuge.  Kindler, a combat veteran of World War II and graduate in Fish and Game at Texas A& M, quickly mastered his work.  Kindler was renowned for his public relations work with local hunters and anglers.


Imperial NWR Narrative Reports.

Cause of Death

On December 5, 1948 Kindler was reported drowned at the mouth of Fergeson Lake approximately 9 miles above the Imperial Dam.  According to survivors' reports Kindler had volunteered to show some hunters a better location for their prey by climbing aboard their boat.  The boat capsized and although Kindler was able to safely return to the boat he went to the rescue of a drowning man.  Both Kindler and the other man were drowned.  Kindler's body was found January 9, 1949.


Imperial NWR Narrative Reports, The Yuma Daily Sun.