Ross M. Harrington



Ross will be remembered by all who knew him, even those who knew him but briefly, as a man who commanded respect.  Not without faults, he was human, his integrity and high standards were promptly evident in his every word.

He was a devoted employee of the Service.  He served on three refuges during his 10 years with the Service.  - Ruby Lake, Tule Lake and Columbia.  He was faithful, industrious and capable worker.  His co-workers admired him personally, trusted his judgment and respected his knowledge and abilities.  He was a real credit to the Service.

It can truly be said, men of his caliber are few indeed.  Ross was a gentleman.

Cause of Death

He was killed on May 28, 1957, while dozing with a TD-9 above a new road grade cut into a hill side, the dozer blade hit solid rock causing the TD-9 to slip sideways.  The TD-9 rolled over down to the road grade about 8 feet below.  Ross was crushed beneath the TD-9 .


Information was taken from May-August 1957 Columbia NWR, Othello, Washington Narrative Report.