John T. Cantu (1949-1990)



John was born in Sinton, Texas on June 13, 1949, and spent most of his life in Texas and California.  John joined the Marine Corps and was a dedicated service member to our country, until his retirement in early September of 1989.  John then traveled to Adak, Alaska to join his new bride, a move he was very excited about making.  John enjoyed bowling, fishing, and hunting.  John was hired by the Fish and Wildlife Service November 1989 shortly after joining his wife, Linda Carlson-Cantu, in Adak.  Fish and Wildlife personnel remember John as "a very dedicated individual who had a number of talents" when it came to his work.  Friends and family will remember John as a person who "always made you feel good and was always positive."  He brought out the best in people around him.

Cause of Death

On January 29, 1990, while returning from an expedition, the FWS vessel Kittiwake was caught in a sudden severe snowstorm that cut visibility to zero.  With the vessel's navigational equipment apparently damaged, the vessel drifted to the western side of Adak Island where it was swamped by a wave.  It was the icy waters of the Bering Sea that claimed the lives of John Cantu and Karen Norton, a fellow FWS worker.


"In Memorium" Sixteenth Alaska State Legislature, March 16, 1990.