TC-1430 - BLM/FWS/NPS Supervisory Skills Workshop

Course CodeTC-1430
Course TitleBLM/FWS/NPS Supervisory Skills Workshop

This 3-day instructor led course provides new supervisors within the Department of the Interior multiple opportunities to apply knowledge gained from the pre-requisite distance learning courses. It uses a skills-based interactive approach based on principles of adult learning and includes practice, scenario analysis, small group discussions and other activities to fully engage participants. Topics include engaging employees in accomplishing work, motivation, conflict management, leveraging diversity, performance management, progressive discipline, coaching and counseling; and involve a cumulative assessment on the final day.

Prerequisite distance learning courses

  • Identify steps to promote employee engagement.
  • Identify barriers to inclusion in leveraging diversity and define strategies to overcome them.
  • Demonstrate the ability to discuss performance requirements as outlined in the EPAP with the employee.
  • Plan an approach to address any conduct and/or performance based action.
  • Demonstrate effective coaching skills with an employee with a performance deficiency.
  • Demonstrate effective coaching skills to correct employee misconduct.
  • Given a rubric and feedback sheet, use peer and self-review to evaluate the contributions of group members.
  • Develop ID support developmental needs.
  • Describe the 4Rs of Conflict Management. (Recognize, Respond, Resolve, Reflect)
  • Recognize behaviors that escalate/de-escalate conflict.
  • Demonstrate the ability to resolve conflict appropriately and at the earliest possible stage.
  • Demonstrate ability to coach in a conflict resolution situation.
  • Identify departmental resources available for conflict management assistance including HR CADR, an EEO staff.

Target Audience:
New supervisors in their 12-month probationary period. (Note: If a Bureau elects to exempt other higher-graded employees from the 3-day 'Supervisory Skills Workshop', alternative supervisory training can be identified and substituted by that Bureau).

A list of class dates can be found at:

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NOTE: Enrollment for BLM and NPS employees is by nomination. For information on being nominated please contact:
BLM: Kim Flanders, 602.906.5628
NPS: Katherine Callaway, 202.354.1403

FWS employees should email Tannor Kopp at Please include a statement that you have your supervisor’s permission to attend.

Delivery MethodInstructor Led
Instructional Hours24
Primary ContactKATRINA ROBERTS; Phone: ; Email: ;
Secondary ContactDAN CANHAM (DAN_CANHAM@FWS.GOV); Phone: 304.876.7207; Email: ;
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Schedule:  TC-1430 - BLM/FWS/NPS Supervisory Skills Workshop

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